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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Bring on FebNoWriMo!

The clock is ticking down to FebNoWriMo in which I’ll be attempting to write a novel in the short month of February.  I’ve been bitten by the book bug big time and have been plotting all weekend in anticipation of getting started.  The new book is tentatively titled Touched and centers around a man who can see and talk to ghosts.  He reluctantly returns to his home state of Louisiana to work for an outfit that runs haunted house tours, clashing with the opportunistic owner.  After having turned his back on his family for the past twelve years in an attempt to escape his complicated past, he now has to deal not only with the tortured souls  trapped in the touristy haunted house but his own ghosts of the past. 

And if my brains don’t leak out of my ears (as I write this, I have a really bad headache, so it’s a possibility), I’ll also be working on wrapping up my two current vampire diaries fanfics and starting a new one as well as the VD episode recaps when it starts back up this week again!

Wish me luck guys!

Back On Track!

The craptastic nature of the beginning of the new year has given way to some fantastic new developments!  This is a writing blog, so I won’t bore you with the details of my mundane job, but sufficient to say – things have simpled up for me a lot, in a good way.  So, that frees up some of the space in my mental warehouse to turn towards writing novels again!

Before month’s end I hope to:

Submit my revised novel Pretty Witches All in a Row to the agent who asked for the changes late last year. 

Finish editing down Moonsong, because it is just too damn long at present, and get it out in its new incarnation.

Finish up at least one of my vampire diaries fanfics, so I’m not spread quite so thin.

Get some notes down on the next vampire diaries fanfic before the ideas fall out of my head.

Finish watching season one of Deadwood because I have become addicted to this show!  Actually I’ve become addicted to all things Olyphantastic, and I can’t wait for Justified to come out on DVD so I can finally get a look at that show too!

Make some reservations for our anniversary weekend coming up.  Twenty years of wedded bliss!  Damn, time goes by fast… (love you baby!)

Start brainstorming on the next novel!  Hopefully to start writing in the month of February, even if it is a shorter month than most.

I figure posting it here makes me sorta accountable to get at least most of these done, right?  :D

Happy New Year?

This year is starting off kind of blecch for me.  I took a few days off from writing as I was wholly unmotivated over the long weekend apart from an update to Tabula Rasa on Friday morning, and it was hard to jump back into it yesterday when I started writing again.  Work’s just been particularly brutal and I’m having a hard time lassoing my muse to get her to sit still enough to bring those words when I get home from work. 

So fanfiction.net’s reports have been broken since the new year hit and I’ve realized something… I’m kinda a numbers whore…  I didn’t realize how many times I like to go back there and see how many people are reading and reviewing until the function was gone!  It looks like they’re slowly filtering those numbers back in and I can at least see what my numbers are like today (1.65K hits today, woot!).  Maybe now that they’re back up again I’ll be motivated to crank out another update tonight.  Either that or I might be distracted by watching another Olyphantastic movie…

Anyone interested in an RPG?  I joined a brand new one for Vampire Diaries (of course) and it’s having trouble finding other writers.  I’ve got Damon there, it’ll be set sometime in season 2 I believe.  Send me a note if you’re interested, I’ll send you the link on yahoogroups. 

On a totally unrelated note, Happy Birthday to Bradley Cooper today!  Watching The A-Team again today in his honor in blu-ray.  That is just one pretty man…