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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy Christmas!

For all of you that celebrate it, I hope you have a great time with family and friends. 

We are watching all sorts of movies and taking a little break from writing over here.  Although at present we’re watching The Crazies, not exactly a holiday flick but I do love me some Timothy Olyphant.  It was either that or Hitman again, both are Olyphantastic! 

Now on to the Scrooged marathon on AMC.  Perhaps we’ll go to the actual movie theater today and see True Grit or Tron.  I dunno though, I always thought it was pretty evil to make theater employees work on xmas when everybody and their mother has the day off. 

Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones and see you next year!

December Tidings of Joy

Wow this month is just flying by!  I’ve enjoyed decompressing a bit from the stress of NaNoWriMo and the pressure to update so often and now I’m trying to wrap up at least one of my fanfics before I start writing a new novel in January.  At least I think I’m gonna shoot for starting a new one in January.  That might be a bit ambitious, given that I still have some marketing to do with the first three that might tie me up and I actually have zero ideas on what to focus on for my next book.  :)   I have no shortage of ideas but I’m having trouble narrowing down what to tackle next.  As usual, too many ideas, not enough time!

okay random thought – Just read a trivia fact that Usher likes to set a romantic mood with his own music.  How douchey is that?  Sorry, will return you to the regularly scheduled blog now…

All that time I’m saving from not having any new tv shows to watch and no recaps to write is less fun than I had hoped.  Instead I find myself just wishing it was time for Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Nikita to come back on the air.  Is anyone out there watching Nikita?  It’s really started to grow on me, I’ll have to think about writing something for them in the future, but for the moment people seem to be voting for another Vampire Diaries fic with a darker Damon, big surprise.  :D

If I don’t end up updating here again in time, let me just wish everyone a Happy Holiday season with lots of hugs and good food and hearts and flowers.  :)   Here is our tree!

Vampire Diaries Recap – Episode 2.11

Episode 2.11 – “By the Light of the Moon”

The episode opens with Tyler getting some supplies together, mostly chains, into a duffel bag while the video of Mason writhing in agony is running on his computer.  He calls Mason’s home number, leaving a voicemail about how it’s the full moon tonight and how he’s freaking out.  Cut to a girl in Mason’s apartment listening in to the message, and I’m thinking… werewolf girlfriend? 

Just as Tyler is leaving the house, the mystery girl shows up at the Lockwood mansion introducing herself as Jules, a friend of Mason’s.  She lets them know that he never returned to Florida and Tyler’s mom calls the sheriff to report him missing.   Jules seems awfully interested in Tyler and calls someone to report that not only is Mason missing but there’s another werewolf; his nephew.   (I’m thinking Elijah, what do you guys think?)

Jeremy, Elena and Bonnie are talking about how to try and de-spell the moonstone now that they’ve got it.  Elena flunks the test they’ve set out for her by stealing the moonstone to try and sneak out with it the first chance she gets.  But Bonnie’s already anticipated that she would try this and spelled the house; Elena can’t leave, just like the vamps in the tomb. 

Damon brings Stefan a care package with candles, lanterns and blood but Stefan refuses the blood, not wanting to have to share it with Katherine.  Once again Stefan says not to worry about trying to get him out of the tomb; just worry about keeping Elena safe and the moonstone.  I have to think – he sure is calm about being trapped in the tomb with Katherine!  Maybe the promo will really be about a steamy moment between them?

Vampire Diaries Recap – Episode 2.10

Episode 2.10 – “The Sacrifice”

We’re back with another episode!  We start with Elena waking up in her bedroom to some strange noises coming from the hallway.  Suspenseful music plays, and we see a flash of Jonas (Luka’s dad, remember?) stalking her.  Elena gets up to see who it is but after a few tense moments she runs into Alaric and Jenna on the way back from the kitchen with some Chunky Monkey ice cream.  Assuming that they’re the ones making all the racket, they stand out in the hallway making awkward conversation long enough for Jonas to steal some very personal items from Elena’s bedroom like hair from her brush and jewelry.  Uh oh… this does not bode well in the hands of a warlock.  (Can I just mention again how much I hate the use of that word?)

The next morning Stefan and Damon pay Katherine a visit in the tomb to ask for the moonstone back.  Did they really think this would work?  Katherine wants out of the tomb now because she’s bored out of her mind in there.  She offers to give them the moonstone in exchange for her freedom and her promise to leave Mystic Falls forever?  Anyone else not believe her?  I didn’t think so.

They tell the plan to Elena to release the spell from the moonstone which they figure will keep Elena from being sacrificed.  Elena doesn’t believe that Katherine will just give it up.  “We will pry it from her cold dead hand.”  Damon tries to reassure her.  They want Bonnie to release the seal long enough to get the moonstone and get out, leaving Katherine trapped inside. 

The only problem is… Elena wants no part of this plan.  She isn’t ready to risk Klaus’ wrath and possibly get everyone she loves killed in the bargain.  Interesting to note that she is definitely including Damon in that group of people she loves.  Damon looks a little stunned by the admission.

Bonnie admits to Luka that it’s become a lot harder physically to work spells lately.  He tells her that it’s because she’s not drawing power from the available resources around her.  Luka shows Bonnie how to channel their energy together.  They exchange personal trinkets and raise up a little wind at school and Bonnie looks almost giddy with the rush of power.  Luka leaves just as Jeremy walks up, but before they can talk much, she gets a text from Damon.

Another NaNo Bites the Dust!

NaNoWriMo is officially over and I’m happy to say I managed to crank out 67,154 words of fanfic last month!  I have to say it was nice getting all the instant feedback from my readers and their waiting for updates kept me going when I wanted to take a break.  That translated into 71,440 hits from 20,715 readers on fanfiction.net!  That just blows away the numbers from the previous month completely and I’m floored that so many people are regularly reading my stories.  I mean it feels like a lot, is that a lot? 

New episode this week on Vampire Diaries, yay!  I can’t wait to watch it, the promo looks amazing!  It’ll be good to get back to those episode recaps here too. 

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday for those of you who celebrate it.  We had a nice day with family and food and I’m say to say the turkey leftovers are all gone now.  Gearing up for Christmas now, the tree is up and presents all wrapped. 

In other news, I was just contacted by an editor of a local publishing house who wants to work with me on editing Pretty Witches All in a Row!  No guarantee of a book deal as of yet, but I’m glad of the interest and his generous offer to work with me.  Fingers crossed this ends up with a publishing deal!