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The Forged Bloodlines Series

The Forged Bloodlines Series

Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down

“It was ironic that this happened to me; I was never a night person at heart. So you can see right off the bat why a vampire was the very last thing I would have chosen to be.”

Anja Evans wakes up in the morgue with a helluva hangover. She chalks it up to a strange brush with death and gets back to her life as a music student in San Francisco. It takes almost eating her best friend before she figures out… she’s a vampire! When a dark and dangerous vampire shows up at her door asking to see her license and registration, Anja assumes Bishop is a regular cop. But breeding among vampires is strictly controlled, and her unlicensed status makes her an enemy of The Order. Struggling to find a balance between her former life and her undead one, Anja tries to blend school and living up to her new identity, all while searching to find the elusive Viking whose blood gave Anja the strength of a vampire hundreds of years old.

Dreamcasting for Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down.

Read excerpts from Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down here and here.

Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down is now available for sale as an eBook on Amazon.com
and BarnesAndNoble.com! It’s out as an e-book for $3.99 but you don’t have to have a Kindle or Nook to read it, they have free downloadable apps so you can read it on your PC, or even your phone. It’s also available from Amazon in print.

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Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down

“Do you ever wish you could take something back the instant you say it? One moment Bishop and I were kissing under the moonlight, and then I had to go and open my big fat mouth.”

The bodycount rises in the next chapter of Anja’s afterlife and not in a good way. Anja finds herself attracting a lot of attention from the police and the vampire community alike, and now she’s got a stalker making her life difficult at every turn. At her side is darkly intense Bishop, but how long will their happiness last once her absent Sire reappears? To complicate things, it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up the façade of humanity among her family and friends, and her school keeps expecting her to go to classes… What’s a vampire to do when ice cream therapy proves ineffective?

Torn between the man she loves and the primal lure she feels towards Jakob, Anja must fight for what she wants… just as soon as she figures out what that is.

Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down is available for sale on Amazon.comand BarnesAndNoble.com! It’ll be available in print as well in a couple of weeks through Amazon.

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Find Me When the Sun Goes Down

“You know, we’ve never really talked about what it means that you’ve claimed me.”

Newbie vamp Anja Evans is eager to find out what it means to be claimed by sexy, vampire cop, Bishop. Unfortunately, he’s been transferred by the Order and she’s left to fend for herself. Eager to make up for his betrayal, bodyguard Rob offers a surprise trip to England, but will Anja find her happy ever after taking her place in vampire society? Or will the cutthroat political climate reveal what drove Bishop out of Europe in the first place? To complicate matters, there’s a vampire hunter on the loose wreaking havoc on the streets of London. Is Bishop being overprotective, as usual, or is Anja in real peril of losing her head? Mortal danger aside, the real threat to Bishop and Anja may just come from within.

Dreamcasting for Find Me When the Sun Goes Down.

The 3rd book in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It’s out as an e-book for $3.99 but you don’t have to have a Kindle or Nook to read it, they have free downloadable apps so you can read it on your PC, or even your phone.

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Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down

Little old me, Anja Evans – art college drop out, relative newbie in vampire society and newly single without Bishop by my side – the new Jarl of the Northwest? Great googly moogly… how did I get myself into these things?

There are new responsibilities for Anja to live up to as well as her growing entourage of friends crowding her out of house and home. With the news that Bishop is out of the picture, Jakob is back, his patience growing thin as he waits for Anja to put aside her petty distractions and take her place by his side. But Anja doesn’t want to spend her life as an ornament, she’s resolved to bring a sense of humanity back to the vampire community. With her newfound abilities (and a few well placed allies), the Order doesn’t stand a chance against Anja and her determination to provide Sanctuary to any vampire that needs it. But the dangers in Anja’s life might come from within the walls she’s built to keep herself safe.

The 4th book in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon.com.

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Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down


“Me, Anja Evans, the new Elder of the West? Had I slid into an alternate dimension? What else was wonky here? Would someone bust in and announce a tornado full of sharks on the horizon in the next instant?”

Anja maintains her steady rise to power as she asserts herself as the newest vamp on the block in the world of political intrigue. Returning to England, this time as Elder of the West, to attend the first vampire Gathering held in over fifty years, she can’t wait to see friends and foes alike. Not everyone’s happy to see Anja again, but strangely enough, old enemy Simon Corley is the one who welcomes her with open arms. Will Anja find a new ally in the Warden of Vetis, or should she stop and count her fillings? Convinced she’s over Bishop, will her resolve hold once she actually sees him, or will any hope of rekindling their love fizzle as soon as he opens his mouth? And what about Rob – can he truly keep those deep feelings bottled up inside, or will they spill out, especially when Anja’s life is in danger?

Dreamcasting for Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down.

The 5th book in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

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Hear Me When the Sun Goes Down


“I’d made my bed, now I had to lie in it and hope Jakob didn’t climb in beside me.”

Anja is saved from torture and death only to find a new kind of imprisonment at Jakob’s side. Thanks to his stifling restrictions, Anja feels more like she’s under house arrest than ever, unable to so much as share an honest conversation with Rob, let alone act on what her heart wants. Desperate to assert her control and avoid Jakob’s oppressive influence, Anja returns to the West as war erupts, forcing the Order underground and under her protection. Determined to win her love back, Bishop leaves everything behind to be by her side, making it difficult for Anja to choose who to let into her heart. But there’s a reason for Jakob’s obsession with Anja’s safety, an old enemy that frightens even the powerful Ellri himself. It’s never been a more dangerous time for those Anja loves.

Dreamcasting for Hear Me When the Sun Goes Down
Character Interview – Up close and personal with Bishop
Character Interview – Up close and personal with Rob

Book 6 in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Release Me When the Sun Goes Down


“Bossy Anja was in control now, and I’d be damned if I let either Ellri take that away from me.”

Anja will endure anything to save her loved ones – torture, humiliation, showtunes, you name it. For Rob she’s sacrificed everything, even her last drop of blood, desperate to save him from Lodinn’s twisted revenge fantasy. In this seventh Forged Bloodlines installment, Release Me When the Sun Goes Down, Anja realizes that the only way to defeat an enemy scarier than Jakob is to stop relying on a knight in shining armor to do it for her and fight him herself. In the process she finds the strength to take back her due and the man she loves. The answer to her problems lies in the birthplace of vampire mythology, and Anja embarks on a rescue mission to save her family and friends before they’re picked off one by one.

Book 7 in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Buy it here in print!

Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down


“I couldn’t help but think we were finally over the worst of our troubles. I was such an idiot.”

The bad guy’s dead and gone, Jakob’s given Rob and Anja his blessing and left town, so everything should be smooth sailing, right? Right? Not so fast. Lodinn’s still wreaking havoc with their lives from beyond the grave as the search for Carys pulls Bishop and Jakob into the most unlikely of partnerships.

As Anja settles into her hard won bliss, she finds that things aren’t necessarily happy ever after as Rob’s mounting secrets begin to take their toll. All around her violence against humans is spilling into the city streets, threatening to expose vampires to human eyes and bringing vampire hunter Carter back into the picture. His direct but effective methods lead her to ask – is it wrong to kill a killer? Is there anything she can do to bring the violence to a halt apart from compelling the entire vampire community to her will?

When Bishop discovers Carys’ long lost diary, it holds the key to his past as well as Rob’s future. The burning question remains – is Carys really alive out there somewhere or was it merely a beautiful lie and Lodinn’s final revenge?

And can Anja survive a betrayal so deep it shakes her to the very core?

Book 8 in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon , iTunes, and Kobo.

Tempt Me When the Sun Goes Down


“There are times when you should respond to a crisis with dignity and a level head. This was not one of those times.”

Whether it stems from love or a sense of responsibility, Anja will do whatever it takes to break the curse and set Rob free, but the price might prove too high. Knowing the circumstances that led to Rob’s betrayal, Anja does her best to forgive him – but can she forget? And where does Bishop’s long lost Sire fit in? Bishop’s made no secret of the fact that he loves Anja, but will that love survive when Carys crooks her finger? Carys has spent her entire life being catered to and adored; what will she think of this newbie vamp who’s taken her place at Jakob’s side and in Bishop’s heart? Ancient curses and past betrayals aside, Anja just might find that the hardest obstacle to overcome is a green eyed monster.

Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down


“I could rely on Bishop, I felt it in every fiber of my being. Only… I’d been wrong before.”

Anja’s no longer the geeky newbie who couldn’t bite her way out of a paper bag. Since becoming Elder of the West, Anja stood up for what she believes in and found her place in vampire society. But can she remember what it’s like to be a normal girl and go on a date? More than anything, Anja wants to start over with Bishop and recapture what they lost, but can she trust him not to make the same mistakes that broke her heart? And hearts and flowers aside, what happens when an enemy resurfaces to take revenge against all that Anja holds dear? Will the past rob Anja of her future?



I know what you’re thinking – what kind of an asshole kills his own kind? This kind of ass… I mean me. I do. I’m a vampire hunter who just happens to be a vampire also. Or as I prefer to think of it, an exterminator, making the nighttime safer, one bloodsucker at a time.

I get it. I don’t look like the typical vamp. I’m not tall, dark, and handsome. I don’t smolder. People don’t see a killer when they look at me. I like it that way, it lets me hide in plain sight.

Boston’s just like any other city that needs cleaning up, and it’s kept me busy enough not to think about what I left behind in San Francisco.

Until she walked in.

I’d seen a zillion girls like her in my day. Wannabe feeders, going for that slutty goth style they thought vampires wanted. She was perfect. I didn’t have to watch anyone else in the place but her. Whoever took the bait was the one I’d target for the night. Only it turns out this girl doesn’t want saving. This girl’s on a hunt of her own.

Forget Me When the Sun Goes Down


Forget everything you know about Forged Bloodlines – all bets are off, anything can happen.

Anja, Bishop, Carys, Aubrey, Rob, Hanna, Nelleke, and a very naked Jakob, find themselves trapped in a remote house with total amnesia, making all the wrong assumptions about who they are and how they fit together. Even without the history between them, so many strong personalities trapped in one place is never a good thing. Add the thirst for blood to it and you know it’s only a matter of time before someone loses it and fangs out.

Stripped of her past, Anja must choose between a husband she doesn’t remember and the handsome vampire she can’t stay away from. When the opportunity comes, will she opt to restore her memories, or live with the choices she’s made?

As time ticks by, the need for blood grows. Can they all work together to escape, or will they kill each other in the process?

Book 11 in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Know Me When the Sun Goes Down

KnowMe - promo

I can’t tell you what happens in this book.
All can say is, pour yourself a shot of aquavit, grab a box of tissues, and hang on.
It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
And nothing will ever be the same again.

Book 12 in the Forged Bloodlines series is available for sale on Amazon , Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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