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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Next Stop World Domination!

So after about a year of trying to get a literary agent to represent me, I’ve finally got one in my corner!  I got a call that the agent I had sent revisions of Pretty Witches All in a Row to is ready to represent me.  So next step is… not a whole lot for me.  She’ll take over the next steps in getting it before publishers and I get to work on my next book instead of having to pimp out query letters for the completed books, yay!  I’m super thrilled about this because I hate the business side of things, I just want to spend all my time writing!  She advised me to stick to the same genre to start with, Paranormal Mystery.  So I’ll be scrapping the work in progress I had going (Touched) to write something with a bit more mystery in it like Pretty Witches.  To that end I’ve started researching and outlining my next book A Touch of Madness.  I’ll have more on that soon once I write up a good blurb to describe it.   I’m just excited to be one step closer to being published.

Next stop World Domination!

Vampire Diaries Recap – Episode 2.16

Episode 2.16 – “The House Guest”

My nights have been crazy between being sick and my daughter’s birthday. (somehow she thinks she gets to celebrate ALL week, lol) Again I’m sorry this is so late, this cold has been kicking my ass for more than a week.

Here we go…

Elena is rushing around, worried about being late for school. In a rare playful moment, Stefan tries to lure her back into bed, having no problems at all being late for school. She agrees to 5 more minutes and they fall into bed. Downstairs, “Elena” walks into the room and Damon automatically attacks her, thinking that she’s Katherine. Stefan walks in and sees her, thinks that Katherine was the one he was fooling around with upstairs and goes back up and attacks her. Katherine (who was the one downstairs after all!) shows up, saying it’s getting easier to impersonate Elena. Elena demands to know what she’s doing there and Stefan admits that the moment Elijah died; Katherine was freed from the tomb. “But what is she doing here?” Elena wants to know, clearly having expected her to head for the hills. “I don’t want her here.”  Katherine insists that they need her help. She is the only one who knows where Klaus is, and what he looks like. But since no one feels like wanting her help, she’ll go down to the Grill. “Maybe Aunt Jenna is free for a bite.” She taunts.

Stefan and Elena go to school for once, speculating on why Katherine is sticking around. Stefan seems to think that they all want the same thing, Klaus dead. Elena is less convinced, and not at all happy that Katherine’s staying with them. He offers to stay at Elena’s place tonight, but she declines, they’re having a girls night with Bonnie and Caroline and jokes that maybe Katherine can join them. They share with Bonnie and Jeremy that Katherine’s out of the tomb. Jeremy goes in for a kiss once the others move off, but Bonnie’s hesitant to do so until she has a chance to talk to Elena.

Elena is busy talking to Alaric who is racked with guilt over having to lie to Jenna all the time. He tells her that he even gave John his ring to keep him from stirring up trouble between them. He wants to tell Jenna the truth because he can’t be with her and not tell her. Elena agrees it’s becoming more dangerous for her not to know but was hoping to wait til they were done dealing with Klaus, but she has no idea how to tell her. Alaric says that he wants to be with Jenna but until they are able to tell her everything, they’re done.

Matt asks Caroline if she’s heard from Tyler, and she says no, not a peep. He’s starting to clue in to the idea that Tyler’s left town. Still upset that Caroline hasn’t made a commitment to be with him, he tells her to make a decision or leave him alone.