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Next Stop World Domination!

So after about a year of trying to get a literary agent to represent me, I’ve finally got one in my corner!  I got a call that the agent I had sent revisions of Pretty Witches All in a Row to is ready to represent me.  So next step is… not a whole lot for me.  She’ll take over the next steps in getting it before publishers and I get to work on my next book instead of having to pimp out query letters for the completed books, yay!  I’m super thrilled about this because I hate the business side of things, I just want to spend all my time writing!  She advised me to stick to the same genre to start with, Paranormal Mystery.  So I’ll be scrapping the work in progress I had going (Touched) to write something with a bit more mystery in it like Pretty Witches.  To that end I’ve started researching and outlining my next book A Touch of Madness.  I’ll have more on that soon once I write up a good blurb to describe it.   I’m just excited to be one step closer to being published.

Next stop World Domination!

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