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Submit questions for a Forged Bloodlines Q&A

Hi guys! I’m knee deep into the first draft for Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down, but I thought I’d check in and answer a few questions on any behind the scenes or storyline bits and pieces I can part with. So now’s your chance. Post your questions here in the comments, or feel free to drop me a private message through the “contact Lisa” link. I can probably be persuaded to answer lingering questions about character backgrounds or unsolved mysteries, and possibly some spoilers on the next book, as well as any questions you might have on the behind the scenes process I have while writing the series. I’ll address the questions I get in an upcoming blog post.

Another Taste of Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down

Hi Guys! I am off and running with Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down, but I thought you might like a little taste of Miss Me for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet. This takes place at Anja’s parents’ place for Thanksgiving Dinner.

The whole time I descended the stairs I recited a feverish plea to the gods to let it be someone else standing on the other side of the door, but there Jakob stood, larger than life, dressed in an elegant gray suit and topcoat. “What are you doing here?” I hissed, stepping out beside him and pulling the door closed behind me.

“I’m embracing human customs. Isn’t that what you asked for?” he beamed, too pleased with himself for his own good. “You look lovely as always, petal.”

“I didn’t mean here! Those are my parents inside.”

“Exactly the reason I’ve come. I know my duty.”

“Your duty?” Why did that make the hairs on the back of my head stand at attention? What was he up to?

“Anja?” My father pulled the door out of my hand, his eyes settling expectantly on me with his best what the heck is going on look.

“Daddy, this is Jake. He’s my, um…”

“Lover,” Jake supplied glibly, an easy smile on his face as if he’d remarked upon the weather.

I stared at him stupidly, sputtering on the inside before I could make the words tumble out. “I am not! We’ve never… Daddy, I swear he’s not my…” I couldn’t even say the word.

“We haven’t shared certain physical intimacies, but make no mistake, I intend to make you mine in all ways.” The man had no shame in such a public declaration in front of my father, of all people.

Oh no… I wanted to crawl into a hole and pull the dirt in after me when I saw the bulge of my father’s eyes. “Daddy, I…”

“All is well, petal. Your father is a man of the world, he understands such things well enough,” Jakob declared confidently, clapping him on the shoulder. “I’ve brought surety so there will be no doubt my intentions are honorable.”

The mind boggled.

“Perhaps we’d better bring this inside.” My father suggested after an uncomfortable silence, turning to go up the stairs to the main living area.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Jakob snapped his fingers, and Gunnar and Isak appeared at the end of the walk, arms laden with packages.

“What is that stuff?” I whispered.

“Is it not customary to bring gifts?”

“That’s Christmas, not Thanksgiving.”

“Ah, forgive me the blunder. I mean to pay my respects to your family.”

Dreamcasting for Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down

New Anja book, so time for a new dream casting post. As you know, I ALWAYS cast these suckers in my head when I’m in the process of writing, so I thought I’d share my picks for how I see the characters in my head. I’ll include Jakob, Rob and Anja as a refresher, but you can see the rest of the cast from my last dreamcasting posts here:

Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down
Find Me When the Sun Goes Down

Anja Evans: Teresa Palmer – So I hadn’t cast a female lead as a blonde before, but since it went with the Viking ancestry link for this series, I decided to try something new. I like Teresa Palmer because she can play innocence well, but you get the feeling like she could seriously kick a little ass once she comes into her own. (see her with a shotgun in Warm Bodies)

Jakob: Alexander Skaarsgard – Okay, so I’m typecasting a little here, but who else can you picture as a Viking with flowing blonde hair? Well, maybe the guy from Thor, but he was the wrong type for this role, knowing what’s coming ahead. I couldn’t find a good picture of him with long hair that didn’t look kinda derpy though.

Rob: Jason Statham – Rob is a character I borrowed from my True Blood fanfic, and I pictured him as Handsome Rob from The Italian Job at the time and the name just stuck. He looks like he could hold his own against a vampire and I just love his voice with the accent.

Leila: Summer Glau – Okay, remember on Firefly in The Shindig when Badger held most of the crew of Serenity in the cargo hold while they waited for Mal to finish his business (duel) on Persephone and River came out and greeted him with a passable version of his own accent? That’s the voice I heard in my head when I wrote Rob’s sister, Leila.

Gunnar (left) and Isak (right) – When I started to think about two bodyguards who were close in height and size and physical characteristics, these two guys from Dude Where’s My Car popped into my head and sorta stuck there.

Terry Byrne: Jeremy Piven – Let me just start out by saying I love me some Jeremy Piven. I think he’s funny and he’s got a great smile. But when I needed a mental image for the slimy politician he just slid in there and embodied the role in my mind.

Jenessa: Rosamund Pike – She’s so classically beautiful, I can see why a vampire would turn her. Love her accent, and it’s easy to see her getting along with both Anja and Bishop, trying to become a peacemaker between them.

Marcus: Chris Pine – I started off with a completely different actor in mind to play the charismatic candidate for Elder of the West, but as soon as he started talking, Chris Pine edged him out.

Frost: Joe Flanigan – I wanted someone who could play the laid back type in tactical gear, a contrast to Bishop’s tightly wound devotion and Mason’s gung ho attitude to the Order

We’ll have a bunch of new characters in the next one (hopefully not so many it becomes confusing) so the dreamcasting for Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down should be fun.

I’m thinking of doing a Q&A for Anja’s world. So start thinking up any behind the scenes type questions you might have for me. I might even give up some spoilers.

Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down is available on Amazon!

My new book is out! Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down is now available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It’s out as an e-book for $3.99 but you don’t have to have a Kindle or Nook to read it, they have free downloadable apps so you can read it on your PC, or even your phone. It’ll be available in print as well in a few weeks through Amazon. I’m super excited about this one, I can’t wait for you all to read about what Anja gets herself mixed up in now. Here is a little taste to whet your appetite starting with Anja, Ellie and Maggie while Anja’s getting ready for a date with Jakob:

“Your ex is mad sexy,” Ellie commented from her perch on the bathroom counter top, legs swinging as she pawed through my make-up case.

“I’ll be sure to tell him you thought so, that ought to make him happy,” I replied, trying and failing to get my hair to cooperate with the sophisticated updo I’d seen in a magazine ad.

“Here, let me help you,” Maggie offered, her nimble fingers combing through my blonde hair. “He is very dishy at that,” she ventured shyly. “Where did you meet him?”

“He um… sort of popped into my life unexpectedly, not long after I got to San Francisco.”

Maggie sighed, fingers twisting and pulling at my head so that I couldn’t see what she was doing. “And was it love at first sight?”

“Not even close. In fact, I think I remember yelling at him the first time we spoke.”

“Ooh, hot blooded.” Ellie waggled her brows at me, snapping her gum around a grin. “Lust at first sight then?”

“Maybe, a little.” It was definitely more of a lust connection with Jakob. Then again, I didn’t know him as well as I thought I’d known Bishop.

“You sure can pick ‘em,” Ellie continued, no boundary to her comments. “I thought Bishop was a right go’er, but I’d take a ride with this one m’self. Oh look, she’s gone scarlet!” she laughed, and I did my best not to let her get to me.

“Leave her be, Ellie,” Maggie chided her lightly. “Anja’s not one to kiss and tell.”

I caught Maggie’s eye in the mirror, giving her a short nod of thanks.

“What is he then?” Ellie asked, unrepentant.

I blinked, not understanding the question. “What do you mean?”

“He’s not a vampire, your beau.”

“No, not exactly.” It occurred to me that we’d talked about the origin of the Ellri back in England, and I hoped she hadn’t put two and two together.

“But he’s not human either.”

“No, definitely not a human,” I allowed, taking control of the conversation. “He’s… something else. Something dangerous, so watch what you say around him. In fact, maybe don’t talk to him a whole lot, okay?”

“Fine. I’ll lower my eyes and stand aside when he gets here then, shall I?” She hopped off the counter, bowing and scraping her way to the door.

“Good plan,” I teased, lobbing a foam curler in her direction, the motion making my head jot the other way.

We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who voted, it was a really close race! Counting the four offline votes we got, the cover on the right narrowly edged out to become the winner. Random selection (don’t you just love online dice rollers?) picked Seleana as the winner for the free book and she’ll get to choose between an ebook copy and a signed print copy of Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down.

I am done with edits as of this morning, so it’ll be out very soon, just waiting on James to work his magic with some final tweaks on formatting for Kindle and Nook.
Stay tuned for a sneak peek.

Also, Nine Steps to Sara is a freebie today through Wednesday on Amazon here. This will be the last time you can snap this one up for free for the foreseeable future, so pick up a copy today, or if you’ve already read and enjoyed it, tell a friend!

Vote on cover art for Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down

Hey guys. James, in a stroke of geniosity, has proposed an alternate cover for Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down. Since we haven’t had a giveaway in a while, I thought we’d put it to a vote. Simply weigh in with your opinion in the comments section and it automatically enters you in a drawing for a free copy of the new book. I’ll leave it up to you whether you’d prefer to have the ebook copy (which will be ready a lot faster) or a signed print copy (which will be a lot prettier).

So, let’s hear it – which cover do you prefer? The one on the left or the one on the right?