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Submit questions for a Forged Bloodlines Q&A

Hi guys! I’m knee deep into the first draft for Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down, but I thought I’d check in and answer a few questions on any behind the scenes or storyline bits and pieces I can part with. So now’s your chance. Post your questions here in the comments, or feel free to drop me a private message through the “contact Lisa” link. I can probably be persuaded to answer lingering questions about character backgrounds or unsolved mysteries, and possibly some spoilers on the next book, as well as any questions you might have on the behind the scenes process I have while writing the series. I’ll address the questions I get in an upcoming blog post.

8 Responses to Submit questions for a Forged Bloodlines Q&A

  1. Amanda Hedges says:

    When do you think you will be releasing Follow Me When The Sun Goes Down? Do you think Rob could some how kill Jake? And I think Anja needs to be kidnaped or something to show she really is in a place of big danger.

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Thanks for these, Amanda. I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

      Oh, also, for updates on how Follow Me is coming along, follow me on twitter or facebook. Then you’ll be sure to get the daily scoop on how far I am into the books as I write them.

  2. Jocelynn says:

    So is Bishop offically out of the picture or will he make his way back into Anja’s love life?

  3. Angrylionsfan says:

    Just finished Miss Me. The one question that really stands out for me is what’s up with Jakob? It feels like a bigger picture kind of thing but his behavior really stands out as odd. He’s incredibly strong and could make Anja’s life easier but every time a vamp comes around he takes off and hides. He talks about taking Anja away then other times he seems like he wants to announce himself to the world with Anja next to him.

    I searched Goodreads for a description of the next book (they often get them up before Amazon). I’m looking forward to Anja returning to England as the Elder of the West to renegotiate those contracts and shaking up the order.

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Thanks for the question, and thanks for the review! Yes, Jakob is unable to do as he likes for the moment, as there are some bigger picture things going on. Those will come into play in probably book six or seven.

      I don’t have anything written up for the next book yet, as I usually work on the blurbs while I’m waiting for my editing team to do their magic. :) It does primarily take place at the Gathering and all the fun and intrigue there. :)

  4. Angrylionsfan says:

    Looking forward to it. I read three to five books a week and this is only the second author’s web site I’ve tracked down. There is something satisfying about Anja kicking the crap out of the system. All the older vampires standing there and scratching their heads because they don’t know why. Like when Anja tried to explain to Mason how its different if your not the one with the boot and Mason not getting it. Oh, I’m hoping Carter becomes more of a main support character. I can see lots of enemies for Anja. Lots of vamps that don’t like what she is doing. Carter has proven to be really smart and tough. Somebody Anja could use at her back.

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Yeah, most vamps have so completely lost touch with their humanity, they can’t understand Anja’s motivations at all. Carter will definitely be back in a future book, but prolly not until book 7 or maybe 8. He’s got a lot of interesting backstory that made him the way he is that I can’t wait to get to. :)

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