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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Company of Shadows is out in print!

We finally got The Company of Shadows approved for print! So, for all you out there who prefer to hold the physical book in your hands (and it is pretty!), you can buy it on Amazon.com here.

This one started out as a stand alone book, but it’s turned out to be the first in a new series. The next one will be coming later this year. It’s about a demon hunter and his too-curious-for-her-own-good neighbor. It’s got sexy demons, magic, a brooding hero with a dark secret, intrigue, body switching, mythology, tattoos, cheese whiz, you name it. Here’s a taste:

In general, Cady didn’t have trouble talking to guys. Outgoing by nature, she figured the worst that could happen was he could tell her to F off, and she could at least say she’d tried. Still, she hadn’t approached a total stranger like that before, usually there was some other pretense that had her offering the first words. Something like… I love your jacket, do you ride a motorcycle? But what could she say to this guy? He looked like he was dressed from Salvation Army castoffs.

“Hi, I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before,” Cady approached, smiling past the inner cringe at the lamest pick up line ever.

“No, thank you.”

Not what she’d expected to hear. “I wasn’t offering anything.” A furrow appeared on her brow, he hadn’t even looked at her.

“It’s just a general no, thank you.” He offered the barest of smiles before returning his eyes to the crowd. “I’m not here to pick up girls.”

“Oh, are you into guys?” Cady sat beside him, the brief smile and oddly polite rejection piquing her curiosity. He didn’t outwardly object to her taking a seat, but he didn’t look thrilled about it either.

“I’m not here to pick up anybody,” he growled, letting out a sigh that could have meant anything from a deep heartache to indigestion. “So, go try someone else.”

Cady’s eyes darted back to her table to get a thumbs up and an encouraging grin from Penny. Kelli was already making eyes at the mad dancer she’d spotted before. “I’m not trying to pick you up either.”

Dreamcasting – The Company of Shadows

Hey guys! I know I’ve been late on coming out with this post, but as you know, things have been crazy busy. As usual, I always cast the main characters in my books with who I’d like to see play them in a movie or television show. Sometimes it’s not physically possible (like I’ll see Sam as Jude Law – but from fifteen years ago), but it still helps with how I hear them in my head. Here is who I pictured while writing my new demon hunter series, The Company of Shadows.

Cady Garrett – Lyndsy Fonseca: If you’ve ever watched the show Nikita, you know she can kick serious ass, but I like some of her softer looks from other things like Kickass for Cady. I wanted a girl with streetsmarts, but not completely jaded, and I think Lyndsy can play that touch of innocence.

Ethan Shaw – Jeremy Renner: I went back and forth on this one a lot, and finally settled on a younger Jeremy Renner. He’s got that stoic charisma while still being utterly compelling to watch even in his quiet moments. I think he could convey Ethan’s bewilderment and discomfort at finding Cady thrust into his life and the gradual change as he discovers how much he needs her.

Ian Garrett – Shane West: Can you tell I was watching a lot of Nikita when I was dreaming this one up? I really like the chemistry between him and Lyndsy on the show and I could easily see him taking on the big brother role. He’s got that tough guy exterior down too, and it was easy to picture some of the menacing looks he’d give Ethan for messing with his sister.

Kelli Matthews – Anna Faris: I picture her as she looked in House Bunny, all blond hair and itty bitty clothes. She’s got that bubbly personality down with just a touch of sluttiness, but you still want to hang out with her to see what she’ll do next.

Rikard – Barry Sloane: I dunno, he just popped into mind the first time I conceived of the character. He just looks like an asshole in sheep’s clothing.

Gobi – Matthew Lillard: Cast your mind back to his role in Hackers with the crazy braids and Salvation army style clothes. I know he could bring his unique sense of wacky charm to the role. Seriously though, does this guy ever age?

Dylan Walsh – Johnny Depp: Who else could look completely seedy like a 70′s pimp but still slightly doable?

Asherik – Raul Bova/Jensen Ackles/Tom Hardy: Ah the many faces of Ash! For the dark intensity of his Claudio body, I saw Raul Bova. It’s easy to see how he could get any woman to fall at his feet. As Alex (the guy who approached her in the laundromat) he chose a guy who looked like Jensen Ackles. Good looking, but a little rougher around the edges once he got a better idea what her tastes were like. And as for the dream lover, her perfect man, Cady chose someone like Tom Hardy. He’s not pretty boy handsome, but there’s a quirky charm to his face (I especially like the crooked teeth!), and his musclebound tattoos lend him a sexy, dangerous allure.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing these pics, I’d love to hear from you as to how you’ve pictured them while reading it (and I’d love a review on Amazon even more, there are only 2 so far!). I’ll be working on the sequel to this one late in the year.

I’m Back!

Hi guys! I’m happy to say the move is done (they’re taking away the last POD today) and I’m semi-settled into my new office. Sure, there are still boxes everywhere and I have to do laundry every three days, but the important thing is I’m back to writing on the next book.

So far I’m about 36,000 words into it, and all I can say is, Anja’s life is sort of spinning out of control right about now. Hopefully she’ll learn to swim before the sharks start to circle!

In semi-related news, I’m giving away free copies of Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down on Amazon for today and tomorrow. So, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, now you can pick it up for free. And if you enjoyed it, please tell a friend.

Off for a quick bite to eat and then it’s back to Anja and company. I think it’s just about time for Jakob to stick his nose into her business again.

Soon to come
- dream casting for The Company of Shadows
- an excerpt from Miss Me When the Sun Goes Down
- possibly a character interview… who would you guys like to hear from?