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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Black Hole of October

Here we are at the end of October, and it feels like this entire month has been sucked into a black hole. What have I been up to? A lot, actually, thanks for asking. I took three trips to the coast, scouting book locations and familiarizing myself with the area well enough to write about it, hopefully. I released another Vampire Diaries novel under the Kindle Worlds label, titled Dark Side of the Moon. And finally, I’ve completed the first draft for The Company of Lies, and the edits are going well. I’m hoping to have The Company of Lies out some time in November, we’ll see how long the edits take to finish and I should have a cover reveal soonish.

A lot of people have asked me – when is the next Forged Bloodlines book coming out? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly with the holidays coming up, especially because my oldest is coming home for a visit and I want to be able to do family things without a tight deadline over my head. So, when I say “early 2015″ I’m aiming for sometime in January, but the reality might be February if too many family commitments take precedence.

In looking to 2015, I’ve drawn up a very rough sketch of my writing plans for the year, which are of course, subject to change.

Early 2015 – Tempt Me When the Sun Goes Down
Spring – The Company of Death, the final book in The Company series.
Early Summer – Book 10 of Forged Bloodlines
Late Summer – A sequel to my shifter book, Moonsong, where we follow Scarlett out into the world.
Fall – Book 11 of Forged Bloodlines
End of 2015 – Let Sleeping Ghosts Lie, a stand alone ghost story.

Like I said, this could totally change. The Company might get suddenly popular and I could write Cady adventures ’til the cows come home, or one of the other projects on my back burner could fight its way to the front of the line. Because there are SO MANY IDEAS waiting for their turn!

Let’s hear from you guys. If you could hack into my robot brain, what writing order would you set for me?