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Monthly Archives: January 2012

So Far, So Good

Seems to be the theme of the day. Week four of the new year is done, and I’ve kept to phase one of my New Year’s resolution of exercising 5 days a week. They say you develop a habit by doing something consistently for 21 days, so I’m hopeful this is now a habit that’ll stick with me for a long time. Phase two will be to give up fried foods. This one’s gonna hurt, as I love me some french fries. But, I’m still inspired to get healthier this year, so I’m motivated to give it a try.

Mercy for the Damned is coming along well. I’m just shy of the 50K mark, and Mercy is really in the thick of things now. She’s got Adam back, but not without a price, and they still have to rescue Ben and get Azazael out of him without releasing him completely. But they have a plan and the second jaunt into Midian is just about to get off the ground.

I’ve also got a book giveaway going for Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down through Goodreads. You can check it out here, I’m giving away two print copies of the book, the giveaway runs through February 17th. I’m working on getting some cool bookmarks printed up to give away with them too.

So far not so good is the Kindle lending library. I signed up Pretty Witches All in a Row, and have lent a whopping 3 copies so far this year. So far that’s not very worth it for having to remove it from Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, since Amazon demands they have sole distribution rights for the ebook. So, I probably won’t do that again when the period is up.

Wake Me When The Sun Goes Down is now available in print!

The first book in my new vampire series Forged Bloodlines is available through Amazon.com in print! To celebrate, here is another little excerpt that takes place after Bishop has brought Anja back to his place to decide what to do with her.

“You live here?” I asked in surprise, stepping deeper into the room, my eyes lighting on the grand piano tucked incongruously into the corner. Bishop seemed content to leave me to explore on my own, heading straight for the kitchen counter, which was littered with tactical gear and electronic gadgets I didn’t recognize.


“Huh, I would have thought you’d have a place underground, not on the top floor.” I went to the window and looked down to the quiet street below. There were also a bakery and a book store in the same building and a bank across the street.

“There isn’t a basement in the building, and it would have attracted too much attention at the time I bought the place to have one excavated,” he replied, pulling off his jacket and tossing it at a coat hook mounted to the wall. With the jacket off, I could see he had several weapons strapped to his body, and with as close as I’d been to him, I wondered why I hadn’t noticed at the time. While I watched, he unstrapped them all, laying the holsters neatly along the breakfast bar.

“You own the whole building?” For some reason that struck me as odd, vampires owning property, but it made sense. Better to be your own landlord than risk someone snooping through your private affairs.

“I do, as well as the one across the street. And no, I wouldn’t rather sleep in the vault. This place suits me just fine.”

“What about the sun? Isn’t that a problem?”

Bishop picked up a small electronic device. “Not for the prepared. I have automatic shutters at every window, they block out the light. Come here for a minute, I want to check something.”

I obeyed him without question, curious to see what he had in his hands. “What is that thing?”

“I want to test your blood.” He held his hand out for mine, sticking my finger into a little lead attached to the box. It reminded me a little of the thing they use to check the oxygen in your blood at the doctor’s office.

“Will it hurt? Ow!” I scowled at the prick of the needle; the machine at the doctor’s never did that.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” he chuckled, releasing my hand. I snatched it back to inspect the damage, but my body had already healed the pinprick.

“What are you testing for?” I leaned closer to study the readout, but it was all Greek to me. “Bishop?” I prompted when he didn’t reply.

“That can’t be right. Give me your other hand.”

“I’m pretty sure the same blood is running through that hand as this one,” I frowned, handing over the other one, bracing myself for the sting. Once again, there wasn’t a trace of the wound as soon as I pulled my hand free. “What does it say?” I asked, when he frowned over the display.

Pretty Witches All in a Row joins the Amazon Prime Lending Library

So I decided to give this lending library program a try, and list Pretty Witches All in a Row on Amazon Prime. What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you can download a copy for free for the next ninety days or so. What does this mean for me? Authors are supposed to share in a pool of money depending on how many people download your book. Do I expect to make any money at this? Um, no, not really. But I figure it’s a good way to get the book out there and gain some more readers. And if it doesn’t work, well it didn’t cost me anything but three months of availability as an e-book on any other format but Amazon. So, if you’ve been waiting to check out Pretty Witches, and are an Amazon Prime member, please give it a look-see, you can’t beat the price tag. :)

New Year, New Logo, New Resolutions

So I’ve had this thing for a while, sort of an inside joke about me having a robot brain at work, and my husband James came up with this logo. Isn’t it cute?

I don’t, as a rule, set New Year’s resolutions because they seem destined to fail. At the same time I am in favor of making some lifestyle changes this year and I was inspired by Mike Saxton’s success at sticking to his resolutions from last year. So, being a planner and a maker of lists, I made a new list this year of resolutions I’d like to make, so that by the end of the year, I’ve affected real change. Instead of doing them all at once, because I know I don’t have the willpower to stick to that much change, I’ll pick a new one once a month and keep adding to it cumulatively.

Then some of them are just general resolutions I’d like to incorporate into my life. Like do something I want to do each day. So many times we do things we have to do, I want to take the time to do something I want to do every day, even if it’s a small thing. I’m hoping that helps me de-stress a little from the deadlines I put on myself coupled with my stressful job. Deadlines like… I’d like to publish 4 more books in 2012.

My resolution for the month of January? Exercise 5 days a week. I’ve been doing a fairly good job of this for the past few weeks, but it’ll be good to formalize it into a solid goal.

What about you guys? What are your resolutions for the New Year?