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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Vote For Cover Art – Mercy for the Damned

It’s that time again to give me your thoughts and feedback on the cover art for my new book coming out this month, Mercy for the Damned. Anyone who comments on the covers on the website will be automatically entered for a chance to win a copy of one of my books (your choice of books).

Please remember that this will be mostly seen against a white background on Amazon.com, since that is where I sell the most. I’d also love to hear constructive criticism and ideas for how to improve them if you have any suggestions. Please keep in mind that they have to be not only eye-catching, but easy to identify when much smaller in ads and for sale on websites.

Here is a little blurb of what the book is about:

“You’d think having an angel come to visit you would be a good thing. So why did I feel like everything was about to get ten times worse as one knelt before me?”

Mercy’s saga continues with Mercy for the Damned, Book III of The Fallen. When a new prophecy predicts a great evil if a fallen angel is allowed to remain in Midian, Mercy will move heaven and earth to free Adam from his deal with Raum. The trouble is, it’s far easier to get into Midian than it is to get out, and Adam is perfectly happy to serve out the remainder of his sentence if it keeps Mercy safe from harm. Throw in some pressure from the police who suspect Sam and Mercy of eliminating Ben, and the race is on to rescue both of them before it’s too late.

A Taste of Mercy for the Damned

I’m done with my first round of edits for Mercy for the Damned, and now I get a little breathing room while my editing team takes over. I thought I’d share an excerpt from what’s been keeping me busy for the past month and a half.

I slipped out of the car, hurrying across the street to follow after the dark figure whose absence of a soul marked him a demon.

He turned off the sidewalk into an alley and as soon as my eyes adjusted to the change in light, I realized I couldn’t see him anymore. Figuring my cover was blown, and he could see me better than I could see him in the shadows, I changed tactics, slowing my step to draw him out. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” I called out in a sing song voice.

“All alone are we?” came from up high, maybe on top of the dumpster, it was hard to tell. “A bit dangerous for the likes of you, ain’t it?”

I knew my Grace would be too much temptation for him to pass by, and I suppressed a smile as I recognized his gravely voice. “I can handle myself.”

The demon himself stepped out of the shadows, all casual as if he held all the cards. Still dressed shabbily like one of the unwashed homeless, he’d added a ratty bowler to the ensemble. “If you need a bit of protection, just ask old Cephas. I’ll keep you safe from the other rabble for a taste now and then.” He smiled, showing the sharp teeth I sometimes still dreamt about, but I gathered my courage around me. I wasn’t the same girl who he’d met on the church steps months ago.

“Who says I need protection? Do you see me quaking in my boots?” my chin came up in challenge.

“I ‘ear your boy is in chains under Raum’s boot. I ‘ear your boy bleeds real pretty-like,” he chortled, and I got a flash of an image I’d been trying to ignore ever since Adam left.

“Okay, you know what? I’m done playing.” I wasn’t there to verbally spar with the scumbag, I was after some answers.