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Dreamcasting – Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down

I can’t possibly release a book without sharing who I would cast if this sucker got made into a movie or a TV show. So without further ado, here is who I see the characters as:

Anja Evans: Teresa Palmer – So I haven’t cast a female lead as a blonde before, but since it went with the Viking ancestry link for this series, I decided to try something new. I like Teresa Palmer because she can play innocence well, but you get the feeling like she could seriously kick a little ass once she comes into her own.

Bishop: Chris Evans – Before I even nailed down this character I had Chris Evans in mind, as he looks in the movie Push, which is a little rough around the edges, but definitely formidable. He’s got that ability to play tough, but with a vulnerability that makes him relatable. Plus, he’s so damn pretty to look at.

Bridget Russo: Kat Dennings – Such a sassy actress, I could totally picture her delivering the lines with just the right balance of bitter bite mixed with playfulness.

Mason: Ryan Reynolds: a la Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. No one else could play his goofball humor while still conveying that he could break your spine with one hand if he wanted to. Overall a great contrast to Bishop’s strong, silent type.

Hanna Evans: Kristin Bell – Because a) I put her into every book I can, and b) her coloring went well as Anja’s sister and c) I love the thought of her verbally sparring against Mason later.

Detective Andrew Lucas: Matt Passmore – Have you seen The Glades? God he cracks me up in that show! I wanted that kind of light hearted banter from him, like he takes everything as a big joke, but he’s also crazy smart and he’ll figure out all your secrets in the end…

Aleksandr Kursik: Daniel Craig – I could just picture him as the suave, powerful vampire, alternately charming and brutal depending on the situation at hand.

Booth: Ron Perlman – Isn’t he in every sci-fi movie?

Rob: Jason Statham - Rob is a character I borrowed from my True Blood fanfic, and I pictured him as Handsome Rob from The Italian Job at the time and the name just stuck.

Jakob: Alexander Skaarsgard - Okay so I'm typecasting a little here, but who else can you picture as a Viking with flowing blonde hair? Okay, maybe the guy from Thor, but he was the wrong type for this role, knowing what's coming ahead. I couldn't find a good picture of him with long hair that didn't look kinda derpy though.

Now I've got just about every other bit player assigned to a celebrity as well, but this is getting long enough, so I'll save some for the next book, Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down.

Feedback is love!

11 Responses to Dreamcasting – Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down

  1. T says:

    Daniel Craig as a vampire…YES please! And Jason and Alex in anything ;)

  2. Randi says:

    I hadn’t thought about Ryan Reynolds at all, but now that you mention it…he would be totally perfect(I mean he almost already is lol).
    And yes, Chris Evans…sooo pretty. :)

  3. Those are some awesome picks!!!

  4. Shelly says:

    Good choices, robot girl.

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