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Up close and personal with Bishop

The other day I posted an interview with Rob thanks to some fantastic questions I got from Laveda. Here are Bishop’s responses to more of the same. Who would’ve guessed he’d be so chatty once you got him talking?

*** Spoiler Alert *** There is a spoiler or two for Hear Me When the Sun Goes Down in here, I’ve just realized. So read on at your own peril.

Q1. What’s your favorite color?

Q2. Favorite kind of music?
The classics, of course, Liszt, Brahms, Chopin, those are my favorites, and Dvorak for strings. But I like Billy Joel quite a bit, and Nine Inch Nails. Have you ever heard of a band called Head Automatica? I listened to them for about a year when the Decadence cd got stuck in my car.

Q3. Last spontaneous thing you did?
Agree to this interview? *grins* Actually, it’s probably when I quit the Order. I’d been thinking about it for a while, but the decision came pretty spontaneously.

Q4. How do you decompress?
I like to have a glass of burgundy and listen to music. I used to like to go the museum at night, a long time ago.

Q5. What would be your perfect future?
*takes a long breath* In a perfect future, I’d get a chance to make things right with Anja. I’d learn from my stupid mistakes, be there for her when she needs me. We’d be here in San Francisco and I could maybe take a reduced role in the Order. I know I quit, but… it’s hard to give it up after so long. Or I don’t know, maybe she’ll cook up some crazy position for me and I can do that. As long as she’s in it, I don’t much care what I’m doing in the future.

Q6. Boxers, briefs or nada? Lol
I’m a boxer briefs kind of guy. You know, the stretchy kind? You never know when you’re gonna have to get up in a hurry, and it’s good to have something on. Oh… you didn’t ask me about what I slept in, did you? *rubs the back of his head in embarrassment*

No I didn’t, but I’m kinda disappointed, I always pictured you slept naked…
*blushes* Only when I have company. Ah… what’s the next question?

Q7. Exactly how old are you?
I am 464 years old. I know, that’s a lot of nights, right?

Q8. Described each other and then yourself in 3 words or less.
Oh, that’s a hard one. Ah, let’s see. Rob, he’s dependable. Dangerous. And strong, there’s that too.
Me… I don’t know. Lately I’m having a hard time with what I am. It feels like I’m two people sometimes, you know? I used to just be the job. That was easy. I’d say I was focused, strict and powerful. Now… Now I’m starting to realize just how little power I have over the things that matter. These days I’m more… Can I skip this one?

Q9. What is it about Anja that attracts you? Is it just her beauty?
It’s all about beauty with Anja, but not just what she looks like. I mean, she is beautiful, just look at her. But she’s so much more. It’s that cliché of beauty on the inside, but it’s completely true with Anja. She’s kind and sweet and somehow pure, even after everything she’s been through. She’s got the same violent tendencies we all do, but she won’t give in to them. She wants the world to be this perfect place and God, I wish I could give it to her. Even when she makes me so mad I can’t see straight… I just want to kiss her. And sometimes when she looks at me, I just… *his smile dims* I need to get that back.

Q10. What are your feelings about Jakob, especially where Anja is concerned?
He’s a bully, he always has been. He’s always taken what he wants without thought or regard for anyone but himself. He says he’s willing to be patient with Anja… but I can’t help but worry what he’ll do when he runs out of patience.

Q11. Bishop, we all know how pissed off you were that Anja gave her blood to Rob. Can you explain why a little more?
*shifts in his chair* Oh that, yeah, that was not the best news I’ve ever gotten. Looking back, I can understand that she didn’t set out to hurt me by doing it, but damn… I’d claimed her as mine. Do you get what that means? I don’t mean it in the caveman, ‘this my woman’ *thumps chest* way, but we made promises to each other. Like it or not, the giving and taking of blood is intimate, and to find out she’d shared that intimacy with someone else, someone who had feelings for her to boot… I’m not gonna lie, it made me see red. Maybe that makes me old fashioned or domineering, but I don’t want her sharing those things with anyone but me. Didn’t. I didn’t want that. She can do whatever she wants now, obviously.

Q12.Bishop, can you explain your love for Carys and Anja. Is it the same, different. Do you or did you love one more than the other?
Wow, you’re not pulling any punches, are you? They’re different women, very different. Honestly, when I look at Anja now, I don’t even see Carys anymore. It’s hard for me to explain what I had with Carys. Those were very different times, both for vampires and in the world. I hated a lot of what she put me through, the things she made me do. *sits in silence for a minute* But there were good times too. She was smart, crazy smart for a girl. Wait… that came out wrong. She taught me about art and music. And about love, how it builds and how it destroys.

You have to remember that Carys was very young when Jakob turned her, barely fifteen. Though she matured over the years, there was still a part of her personality that was very childlike – almost like she couldn’t process disappointment without pitching a fit. It made her cruel and petty sometimes. That was hard to get along with, but there was a part of her, a part she showed to very few, that I loved deeply. I think I would have left her long before I did, but it wasn’t all compulsion that kept me by her side.

Anja… *lets out a long sigh* Thanks to her I found my music again, and life… I didn’t even realize I was missing one. She makes me feel alive in a way I didn’t think possible anymore. She makes me want to be a man again, if that makes sense. Not that I’m not a man, but… for centuries I guess I’ve operated under the idea that vampires are superior to humans. Now, I’m not so sure. Sometimes I think she’s right, that I’ve lost that spark of humanity that made everything worthwhile. When I’m with her, I feel like there’s more out there for me than duty and obedience. I feel like there’s a chance to regain what I lost all those years ago. I feel… I felt, complete.

Q13. What was it like watching Anja fight Angel? What was going on in your head?
I had Corley’s mage in my sights, you know. The slightest twitch that Angel had gotten the upper hand and I would’ve put a bullet in his brain to drop the spell ward. But Anja was tougher than I gave her credit for. That left hook of hers is a thing of beauty. It turns out she didn’t need me at all. *falls silent*

Q14. Bishop, in book five in the end after being tortured Anja went to Rob and you said you realized you had lost her, what now? Move on? Fight for her?
That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Whether I ever move on or not, she’s made it clear she already has. And now that Jakob’s back… *shakes head* I’m not sure there’s room for me in her life – now. Of course I want her back, but mostly I just want her to be happy, you know? But forever’s a long time, and I have no intention of stepping out of her life. *hopeful smile* Anything could happen.

Q15. Do you think things will be easier or harder for Anja now that everyone knows who her creator is?
Well, for one thing, her status in society just went off the charts. There are very few draugen still living, that plus her position as Elder of the West puts her into the elite. At the same time… it’s not easy living with such notoriety all the time. It’s part of why Carys would run away from Jakob from time to time. You need to lose yourself in the crowd every now and again. So will it be easier or harder for Anja? Yes. *lopsided grin*

Q16 How do you guys feel about each other? Is there any bad blood there?
We’ve had our differences, but Rob’s a good guy. If I had to trust Anja’s safety to someone besides myself, he’s capable enough. I just… I don’t know if he can give her everything she needs. Not that I did such a bang up job in that department. *scratches the back of his neck* But he’s a blunt instrument, a bruiser. It’s hard for me to picture her with him. He’s so closed off sometimes, I wonder if she can really be happy with him, you know? That’s all I want, for her to be happy. If it’s with him instead of me… that’s not what you asked though, is it? *offers a half smile*

6 Responses to Up close and personal with Bishop

  1. Laveda Kasch says:

    Love me some Bishop! What a sweetheart! Thanks again Lisa for letting me interview the boys <3

  2. Ahhhhhh! Spoilers!

    Yes, I did read your warning. And yes, I still read it anyway.

    Now I’m anxious for Hear Me… thanks Lisa >.>

    Great interview though!

  3. Raylene says:

    Love these interviews! Poor Bishop! I still like him, though I’m forever team rob :)

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