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Up close and personal with Rob

Hey guys! Work on Hear Me When the Sun Goes Down is coming along well, just hit the 70K word mark last night and still going strong! I hope you guys are following me on my author page on Facebook for daily updates and teasers.

Laveda Kasch (who won the contest to become a character in the book btw) came up with a fun set of interview questions for both Rob and Bishop, and the boys had such a good time they asked me to post them here. I’ll do Rob’s this week and Bishop’s next. Also, if you leave a question or two for them in the comments, they just might answer yours as well!

Q1. What’s your favorite color?
*Let’s out a long exhale* I dunno, I never really stopped to think about it much. *Goes silent for a minute* Red. It’s definitely red.

Why red?
I have a fond memory or two of a certain girl in a red dress.

Q2. Favorite kind of music?
I ain’t a fan of most modern music, but I like a proper ballad. Nina Simone was tops, and Doris back in the day. I like music that has something to say.

Q3. Last spontaneous thing you did?
Something I shouldn’t be talking about.

Q4. How do you decompress?
How do you mean, relax? I suppose I have simple needs. A beer, a good book, a bit of telly on in the background and I’m golden.

Q5. What would be your perfect future?
There ain’t no such thing. Anyone who says differently is telling porkies.

So you don’t think if you ended up with Anja that it would be a perfect future for you?
Didn’t say that, just don’t think it’s likely to happen.

Q6. Boxers, briefs or nada?
You really asking me about my skivvies? I should ask you the same. What you got on under them jeans, yeah? *chuckles* Boxers, if you must know. Neatly pressed.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…
None of that, cheeky monkey…

Q7. Exactly how old are you?
I was born in 1921.

Q8. Described each other and then yourselves in 3 words or less.
Bishop – stupid, lucky bastard, bit of an idiot. More than three words, that, but you get the sentiment, yeah?
Me? I’m just me.

Q9. What is it about Anja that attracts you? Is it just her beauty?
It ain’t about how beautiful she is on the outside. You’re expecting pretty words now, ain’t you? That’s not me, mate. Ask Bishop.

Q10. What are your feelings about Jakob, especially where Anja is concerned?
Jakob’s got every right to do as he pleases with Anja. That’s all I’ll say about it.

Will you not fight for her?
*expression darkens* I can’t go against Jakob. It ain’t my life I’m worried about risking. I’d give it up in a flash if I thought… *reaches for a cigarette, finds an empty pack and crumples it back into his pocket.* I won’t risk her life for my selfish wants.

Q11. Rob, can you tell us what was going through your head when you were drinking Anja’s blood “right from the source” the first time?
*leans back, takes a pull on his beer* Thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I reckon that’s what it’s like up there. All soft and sweet and willing… It wasn’t for me though. I reckon I’ve always known that.

Q13. Rob, can you tell us what “business” you had to take care of the first time you left Anja? Or was it only because you were trying not to get to close?
I needed to get my head on straight. Can’t do my job proper if I’m not thinking clearly. Didn’t do me no good though, did it? Here I am, just as muddled as before.

Q14. Rob, did you really kill Ellie? Maybe you didn’t and she will show up later?
I did what had to be done. Ain’t likely she’ll turn up in this lifetime.

Q16. What was it like watching Anja fight Angel? What was going on in your head?
That was a rum night. Looking back I can see her strategy plain enough, but at the time… it was all I could do not to hurl m’self on the barrier every time Angel landed a blow on her. Anja showed her a thing or two though, didn’t she? *smiles, full of pride*

Q18. Do you think things will be easier or harder for Anja now that everyone knows who her creator is?
I don’t reckon she’ll have an easy time of it with Jakob out and about. He’s been forced into a different lifestyle than his choosing for some time now, I think she’ll find it… jarring when she comes to see how he is out in the world.

Q19. Rob and Bishop how do you guys feel about each other? Is there any bad blood there?
I wouldn’t say bad blood exactly. Bishop’s a good enough bloke. A straight shooter. A bit too duty bound, but I can understand that. In truth I envy him, I suppose. A chance like what Jakob gave him don’t come around very often. I’d kill for a chance like that. He had everything and he pissed it away. Come to think of it, I don’t envy him at all.

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  1. Laveda Kasch says:

    Thank you for letting me interview the boys! I has a ton of fun with them! <3

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