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Vampire Diaries Recap – Episode 2.10

Episode 2.10 – “The Sacrifice”

We’re back with another episode!  We start with Elena waking up in her bedroom to some strange noises coming from the hallway.  Suspenseful music plays, and we see a flash of Jonas (Luka’s dad, remember?) stalking her.  Elena gets up to see who it is but after a few tense moments she runs into Alaric and Jenna on the way back from the kitchen with some Chunky Monkey ice cream.  Assuming that they’re the ones making all the racket, they stand out in the hallway making awkward conversation long enough for Jonas to steal some very personal items from Elena’s bedroom like hair from her brush and jewelry.  Uh oh… this does not bode well in the hands of a warlock.  (Can I just mention again how much I hate the use of that word?)

The next morning Stefan and Damon pay Katherine a visit in the tomb to ask for the moonstone back.  Did they really think this would work?  Katherine wants out of the tomb now because she’s bored out of her mind in there.  She offers to give them the moonstone in exchange for her freedom and her promise to leave Mystic Falls forever?  Anyone else not believe her?  I didn’t think so.

They tell the plan to Elena to release the spell from the moonstone which they figure will keep Elena from being sacrificed.  Elena doesn’t believe that Katherine will just give it up.  “We will pry it from her cold dead hand.”  Damon tries to reassure her.  They want Bonnie to release the seal long enough to get the moonstone and get out, leaving Katherine trapped inside. 

The only problem is… Elena wants no part of this plan.  She isn’t ready to risk Klaus’ wrath and possibly get everyone she loves killed in the bargain.  Interesting to note that she is definitely including Damon in that group of people she loves.  Damon looks a little stunned by the admission.

Bonnie admits to Luka that it’s become a lot harder physically to work spells lately.  He tells her that it’s because she’s not drawing power from the available resources around her.  Luka shows Bonnie how to channel their energy together.  They exchange personal trinkets and raise up a little wind at school and Bonnie looks almost giddy with the rush of power.  Luka leaves just as Jeremy walks up, but before they can talk much, she gets a text from Damon.

Elena shows up at the Salvatore mansion and lets herself in just in time to see Rose emerge, tugging on a short silky robe.  “It’s not nice to leave a girl naked so early in the morning.”  Rose calls out, thinking it’s Damon.  Or did she?  With vampire hearing, shouldn’t she have been able to tell it wasn’t Damon at the door?  I guess the cat’s out of the bag now though about them sleeping together.  Elena looks suitably mortified, but they get through the awkward moment as Elena announces that she came to see her, not the brothers. 

Using the distraction that the others have in trying to get the moonstone from Katherine, Elena talks Rose into helping her find out more info on Klaus by going to see her friend Slater.  Rose thinks it’s a bad idea, but agrees to help her in exchange for the promise of a ring that will let her walk in the sunlight.  Something tells me that Bonnie isn’t going to be so willing to make another of these babies up, but apparently Rose believes her. 

As soon as they get there it’s apparent that Slater isn’t home but Elena insists on breaking in.  (why were the doors chained shut by the way?)  Almost immediately they find Slater’s body.  While Rose is taking care of the mess, Elena goes through his desk but there isn’t much there.  They find Slater’s girlfriend Alice hiding in the apartment.  Alice arrived just before they did (so why was the front door chained?) and seems very broken up about Slater’s death.  Rose insists it’s all an act, because Alice just wanted Slater to turn her and didn’t actually care about him at all.  A little light goes on behind Elena’s eyes and she offers to have Rose turn her if she is able to help them break into Slater’s computer.  Rose looks appalled at the offer. “You know she’s not going anywhere near my blood right?”  She whispers to Elena.  “I know… she doesn’t.”  Elena replies.  Oh… Rose, now you’ve gotta be wondering if the promise Elena made to get you your very own magic ring was made in the same vein right? 

Luckily the computer was backed up on a remote server, and they’re able to find his files.  Elena tells Alice to call one of Slater’s contacts, a Cody Webber and to tell him that she has a message for Klaus.  “The doppelganger is alive and she’s ready to surrender.”  Rose is stunned, but Alice just looks excited to havemet the doppelganger.  “What are you doing?”  Rose demands.  “I’m getting Klaus’ attention.”  Elena explains.  She intends to sacrifice herself in order to save her family and friends. 

Back at school, Matt is having a hard time coming to terms with the guilt for having attacked Tyler at the party under Katherine’s compulsion.  He apologizes to Tyler, who takes it in stride.  Is it just me or is Tyler a lot more even keeled in this episode?  Caroline talks to Matt just long enough to remind us that she still misses him.  It’s not lost on Tyler who gets it, understanding that she just wants to keep Matt safe.  Pushing that aside for the moment, Caroline tries to focus on Tyler’s problem; the upcoming full moon.  He’s surprised that she wants to take on his problems, but she insists. 

Tyler takes her to the old slave quarters on the Lockwood property.  He thinks that’s what the chambers were really used for, the chains and shackles to keep his ancestors secure during full moons.  There they find Mason’s journal and a memory card for a video camera.  Mason chronicled all of the changes he went through including a video of him writhing around in agony for hours and hours the first night he changed into a wolf.  Tyler starts to freak out, knowing that the change will be so painful and drawn out.  According to the journal the change grows easier with time, but he can’t imagine how he’ll survive the first one.

Caroline tries to soothe him that if he can just get through the first one it’ll get better.  Tyler wants to know why she’s helping him since they’ve never been particularly close before.  Caroline explains, “I don’t know, you just seem like you kind of need it. I was alone when I turned.  I had no control over my body or my urges and I killed somebody.  I don’t want that to happen to you.  I don’t want you to be alone.”  Tyler looks suitably moved, but the mood is killed when the doorbell rings.  It’s Matt, telling her that he’s missed her.  Caroline looks really tempted but Tyler opens the door, giving Matt the impression that he’s there with Caroline as more than just friends.  Smart move Tyler, keep that up and pretty soon it’ll be true. 

While Elena and Rose are on their jaunt to see Slater, Damon, Stefan, Bonnie and Jeremy are all having a pow wow at the boarding house.  Bonnie agrees to drop the tomb spell long enough to get them in and out.  Jeremy instantly objects that she’s not strong enough to pull it off on her own.  “It took both you and your Grams last time and look what happened to her.”  He insists.  “I’m well aware of what happened, but I’ve learned a few new tricks since then.”  Bonnie insists.    Jeremy offers to go in with his ring, no spell needed, but is quickly shot down. 

Using a picture of Katherine’s, Bonnie does a spell, incinerating it in the process.  The ashes that result will incapacitate Katherine for a minute or two.  Jeremy confronts Bonnie about not being strong enough to drop the tomb spell one more time but she insists she’ll be fine.  When she won’t back down, he steals some of the magical powder and takes off for the tomb. 

Jeremy shows up at the tomb and demands the moonstone.  He stakes Katherine with a nifty projectile weapon, but she pulls it out, even in her weakened state.  Throwing the powder at her, Jeremy rushes into the tomb and pats her down but can’t find the moonstone anywhere.  Venturing deeper into the catacombs, he finds the moonstone, but before he can get out, Katherine recovers and attacks.  He’s able to toss the moonstone out of the tomb doorway but is trapped in there with her now.  Replenished with fresh blood that will never run out thanks to his magic ring, she has a new playmate. 

Damon, Stefan and Bonnie arrive at the tomb, but before he goes down, Damon gets a call from Rose, letting him know what Elena’s up to so he takes off without a word.  Stefan and Bonnie find the moonstone lying out in the open, but before they can start guessing how it got there, Katherine dangles Jeremy for them to see.  “Don’t worry I know that he’s wearing his ring.  So no matter how many times I kill him, he’ll just come back for more.  So… I’m gonna be in the back playing with my new little toy, you guys just give me a holler when you get the tomb open.”  Katherine taunts them.

Bonnie starts to work the spell, drawing power from Luka to add to her own, but it’s not enough.  The spell fails and Bonnie passes out.  “That’s too bad, I’m still hungry.”  Katherine picks up Jeremy and starts to feed from him again.  Stefan rushes into the tomb, shoving Jeremy out of the opening and Katherine gives a very self satisfied smile at finding herself trapped in there with Stefan.

Jonas uses the personal items he stole from Elena’s room to do a spell for Elijah that shows him where Elena is. 

Damon shows up at Slater’s apartment, shocking the hell out of Elena and giving Alice another cheap thrill for having spotted the Damon Salvatore.  (I really don’t like that girl by the way)  Damon tries to get her to leave, but Elena refuses to go.  He grabs her to manhandle her out of there and she actually takes a swing at him which he catches easily.  Showing her just how strong he is as he overcomes her struggles, he brings his face very, very close to hers.  “Don’t ever… do that again.”  His voice is soft, almost a whisper.  (I may swoon here at seeing Grrr Damon)

Two vampires show up to meet Elena, but before they can so much as say hello, Elijah shows up.  Rose immediately bolts from the room.  “I killed you, you were dead.”  Damon blinks.  After Elijah ascertains that no one else knows about the doppelganger beyond who’s in the room, he rips the hearts out of the two random vampires.  Elena looks as shocked as I am but Damon looks like he’s getting himself ready to take Elijah on.  Only Elijah immediately turns and takes off, leaving them alone. 

The last six minutes of the show. 

Elijah tells Jonas that his shadow spell was successful and he was able to track Elena but that he had a run in with Damon.  He spared Damon because he would die before he let anything happen to Elena; she’ll be kept safe, which is precisely what they need her to be.

Bonnie takes Jeremy home and she scolds him for having gone into the tomb.  He tells her that he got involved because he didn’t want her to get hurt.  She protests that he can’t feel that way about her.  Jeremy pleads with her not to act like it’s all one sided, like he’s just a kid with a crush on his sister’s friend and Bonnie looks torn.  He moves in to kiss her but she says she can’t and that she’s sorry, leaving him alone. 

Damon brings Elena home.  They can’t figure out why Elijah let them go.  “If I had a dollar for every time some evil vampire surprised me…”  Damon says.  Before she can go inside Damon grabs her arm.  “What you did today was incredibly stupid.”  He tells her.  “I don’t question why you and Stefan and every one else try so hard to save me.  You shouldn’t question why I would try to save all of you.” Elena replies.  Again Damon looks interested to hear her lumping him in with those she’s trying to save.  But before he can say anything Jeremy opens the door, letting her know about Stefan being in the tomb with Katherine. 

Elena rushes down to the tomb with Damon hot on her heels.  “Don’t you dare.”  Damon physically stops her from going into the tomb after Stefan who is conspicuously absent for this exchange.  Holding onto Elena while she struggles to break free, Damon waits for her to settle down and eventually leave.  Now Stefan comes forward to talk to Damon who vows to get him out.  “That’s alright, I’ll handle myself.”  Stefan replies.  (um… what?)  Instead he wants Damon to focus on releasing the spell on the moonstone with Bonnie.  Stefan asks Damon to promise him that no matter what happens he’ll protect Elena, which of course Damon agrees to do.  Katherine emerges to taunt Stefan, “That right there is the biggest mistake you ever made.”  She smiles.

Random thoughts I had:

It’s nice to see Jenna and Alaric’s relationship taking things to the next level.  They both deserve a bit of happiness. 

Instead of messing with opening the tomb to send vampires in, why didn’t they just send Bonnie in to retrieve the moonstone herself?  With Katherine in her weakened condition and the magic dust, it seems like she could have kept her weakened with the little brain aneurysms if she woke up to cause trouble and breezed in and out of there. 

Has Elena completely blown off school these days?  She seems to be missing an awful lot of it lately.  When’s the last time we had a scene of her there?

When did Elena get so cold and calculating, willing to use others?  I know she used Damon on the trip to Isobel’s office that one episode, but she’s not pulling any punches in this episode.  I guess she is more like Katherine than we thought…

I am really liking this thing between Tyler and Caroline.  She seems to calm him down and it’s nice to see her as the one giving sage advice instead of being an emotional wreck.

Why didn’t Stefan come out to talk to Elena when she showed up at the tomb?

If they wanted to keep Elena away from the tomb why not just put the cover stone back on?  But then again maybe that leaves it open for her to show up and observe Katherine and Stefan together?

Holy crap the promo for next week had me sitting here stunned.  Was that what I thought it was?  Stefan and Katherine going at it?  It didn’t look like that could possibly have been a flashback.  Please let Elena walk in on it, please, please please…

11 Responses to Vampire Diaries Recap – Episode 2.10

  1. Annie says:

    I agree with you about Elena, I really hope she cools it. I liked her better in season one, when she didn’t use people. But then again, at least she admitted she cares about Damon. God I hope she walks in on Stefan and Katherine! And I read in an interview that Damon does something interesting to keep Elena safe, like an amusing method. My guess is he puts her under some sort of house arrest or gets Bonnie to do some sort of spell to help him out. Ooh. And I’ve been wondering about school too…have Stefan and Elena just dropped out?
    Felt bad for Jeremy in this episode. He just can’t keep a girl.
    I kinda like how Damon seemed a little pissed that Rose just bolted on them. I’m just the jealous type I guess. And the way he held her when she lost it down in the tomb…I was praying she would break down and snuggle up in his arms. Ah well. But I must say, protective Grr Damon is awfully sexy.
    And Matty Blue Eyes, aw poor thing. Can’t catch a break. He was really struggling, and now his (sorta) girl is growing close to his best friend…speaking of, Tyler pulled at my heartstrings a little. Knowing what’s coming, and knowing he can’t escape…god, what a fate.
    So psyched for next week, even if we all know it will be a dreadful cliffie, seeing as it’s the last episode before the holiday hiatus. But bring it on!

  2. Brittany says:

    OMG! The promo for next week had me screaming when I saw Stefan and Katherine, and your not the only one who thought, ‘flashback?’ but it did not look like it at all, still in the tomb and everything, unless it was in a similar place? But wow..anyways, I guess we will get to that next week when we actually see it and know for sure just what is really going on there.

    Loved the Delena scenes…glad it was him and not Stefan that came to her rescue.

    The whole Elijah thing has me intrigued. I’m thinking maybe he is on her side (working against Klaus). He killed the ones who know about Elena (the two guys, Slater and Trevor), and I’m assuming when he raced out of there, he was going to find Rose and kill her as well. And he kept Damon alive because he knows he would protect her with his life. If he only wanted her safe until the time comes for the spell to break the curse, then wouldn’t he have just taken her himself or to Klaus to make sure she was safe until then? My question, though, is why? Maybe he has something against Klaus, and Klaus needs the curse broken for some other reason than just the daylight thing, and Elijah doesn’t want that to happen?

    Another question, Why would Jonas want Luka to bond himself to Bonnie? Maybe just to monitor her to see what kind of progress she is making on despelling the moonstone? He seems alot more powerful (knowledgeable too!) than she does, couldn’t he figure this out himself? Maybe I’m reading wayy too much into things…

    My overall question is: What the heck is going on?? Lol, can’t wait til next week…maybe we will find out some more with Elijah and Jonas, too.

    • Brittany says:

      I forgot to mention Tyler…I feel sooo bad for him, having to see just how painful it is and knowing that it is going to happen to him very soon…I’d be freakin out too. I was thinking, maybe Caroline could just hit him really hard to knock him out (we know he can be knocked out, Damon did it to Mason, remember?), and keep it going every time he wakes up…or maybe they could just find something to sedate him during the change. I was hoping for a Stefan and Caroline sometime down the road, but now I’m really liking the whole Caroline and Tyler thing, hope something happens there soon, like a kiss or something…

      Was it just me or was Matt (the actor, himself, not just his character) not looking so good this episode…he looked…bad. I feel bad for saying that but, I thought he just looked horrible, when usually he is a cutie. Off day, maybe…?

      • Lisa Olsen says:

        Oh totally, poor Tyler’s situation has tranquilizer gun written all over it. Didn’t they used to do that for Oz on Buffy?

        And yeah I think Matt was supposed to look like he wasn’t sleeping well lately.

        • Brittany says:

          Yup, they did do that to Oz when they locked him in the library for the night. Glad I’m not the only one who remembers, lol.

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      yeah I agree if Elijah just wanted her safe then why didn’t he just take her again and lock her up someplace otu of the way? too weird.

      I think Jonas wanted him to bond in a friendship way with Bonnie as in try to gain her trust, not a magical way and Luka just took it too far.

  3. Rachel says:

    This was the best episode yet, in my opinion.

    I was also shocked but definitely thrilled when Elena basically told Damon that she loves him; three times! “All the people I care about, including the two of you…” “Everyone I love…” “I don’t ask why you and Stefan (something, something, etc.) save me; you shouldn’t ask why I would do the same.” I also consider thie irrefutable proof that she remembers his profession of love; I’m thinking that might come out in the open next episode, what with them ostensibly spending lots of time together.

    I doubt Elena will stumble upon Stefan and Katherine (the poor girl; first Jenna and Alaric and then Rose in a bathrobe… would they really torture her this way, too?) BUT I think someone else might, which would present them with the awful task of telling Elena, or keeping it from Elena.

    I think Matt looked bad on purpose; but I also wondered about that.

    Was I the only one who placed significance in Elena saying “Damon and Stefan” NOT “Stefan and Damon” when she was talking to Rose…? And was Elena wearing the necklace? I’m sure she was, and I just didn’t notice…

    Okay, so now that they seem to be presenting not one but TWO new love triangles (Jeremy, Bonnie, Luka and Matt, Caroline, Tyler) I can’t help but wonder… is our favorite about to take a major and permanent turn? Damon and Elena, anyone?

    As for the promo… I have been thinking since The Return that Katherine and Stefan are meant to be, and given Stefan’s increasing distance from Elena (they’re still broken up, right?) and parting words this episode: “Promise me you’ll protect her, no matter what happens… I’ll handle myself,” that scene from the promo doesn’t seem too far-fetched. At worst, it’s Katherine’s dream. At best, it’s reality. At super-best, Elena will finally convince Damon to take her to the tomb, but while they’re in the foyer-area he’ll hear Stefan and Katherine going at it and try to steer Elena away. Haha I love intense Damon/Elena scenes.

    So I feel dumb… what did Katherine mean by “That right there was the biggest mistake that you have ever made,” after Stefan’s conversation with Damon at the very end?

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Yes, I have to wonder, does Elena realize the message she is giving Damon? I mean has she admitted it to herself or is she just running on auto pilot?

      I think Katherine just meant that it was dumb of Stefan to give Elena over into Damon’s hands for safekeeping because he’ll do everything he can to keep her for himself. But I could be wrong…

  4. Lisa Olsen says:

    Okay slightly unrelated here guys but I need some help and you guys are my experts. I don’t recall Katherine drinking Mason’s blood in any episodes, but a couple people have mentioned it in reviews. Can anyone remember a specific example of a vampire drinking a werewolf’s blood on VD?

    • Brittany says:

      No, I can’t remember any vampire drinking any werewolf’s blood. I was wondering myself if that was even possible, or if it would hurt the vampire in question…

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