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December Tidings of Joy

Wow this month is just flying by!  I’ve enjoyed decompressing a bit from the stress of NaNoWriMo and the pressure to update so often and now I’m trying to wrap up at least one of my fanfics before I start writing a new novel in January.  At least I think I’m gonna shoot for starting a new one in January.  That might be a bit ambitious, given that I still have some marketing to do with the first three that might tie me up and I actually have zero ideas on what to focus on for my next book.  :)   I have no shortage of ideas but I’m having trouble narrowing down what to tackle next.  As usual, too many ideas, not enough time!

okay random thought – Just read a trivia fact that Usher likes to set a romantic mood with his own music.  How douchey is that?  Sorry, will return you to the regularly scheduled blog now…

All that time I’m saving from not having any new tv shows to watch and no recaps to write is less fun than I had hoped.  Instead I find myself just wishing it was time for Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Nikita to come back on the air.  Is anyone out there watching Nikita?  It’s really started to grow on me, I’ll have to think about writing something for them in the future, but for the moment people seem to be voting for another Vampire Diaries fic with a darker Damon, big surprise.  :D

If I don’t end up updating here again in time, let me just wish everyone a Happy Holiday season with lots of hugs and good food and hearts and flowers.  :)   Here is our tree!

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