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Crazy Weekend!

Holy crap what a crazy weekend!  Yesterday I woke up on a mission and started the day with my 3k quota on the book by 10am.  Good start, right?  Then it was 2k for a Vampire Diaries episode recap (found posted below), then it was 3k of the next chapter for one of my Vampire Diaries fan fics “Wake Me When The Sun Goes Down.”  I even managed to squeeze in some side writing with a friend.

So then I go back to add a little more work on the novel, and it hits me… I’m definitely not in love with the direction things are going.  It’s going alright, but I haven’t had as much faith in the romantic lead as in my last two books.  Fewer of those moments when I’m done writing a scene and just go “Wow, that came out cool!”

After talking things over with my hubby, I decided to change the entire 2nd half of the book, including who the romantic lead is, because the original just wasn’t working for me.  Long story short, I ended up losing a few thousand words.  Yikes!  It’s like finding a mistake in knitting a sweater and having to rip out a ton of what you’ve just worked on!  But, through some hard work I’ve managed to regain what I lost, including my 3k quota for today as well as about a thousand to spare. phew!

So now I’ve got a little time to catch my breath and maybe work on a little fan fic  before the season finale of True Blood comes on tonight!  I will be taking notes, because I plan on attempting at least one True Blood fanfic in October.

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