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Eve of Redemption is live!

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Eve of Redemption, the second book in the Secrets of the Fallen series is live!

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0D349BKGF
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0D349BKGF
Non Amazon Links: https://books2read.com/u/mB1AaZ

Now that he’s found me, Lucifer will never let me go. Always popping up in the most inconvenient places, my bed, my dreams, trying to seduce me with his wicked ways. It’s all I can do to resist his charms and there’s nowhere on Earth I can hide from him.
But I’m tired of running. I want to stick it out and fight my own battles. It’s time I learned how to use my gifts – if I could just figure out how. And I’d better figure it out fast, as now he’s throwing demons at me, left and right, trying to get me to develop my power.
Luckily, I have Mom, Adam, and Michael to keep an eye out for me while I’m learning what I can do. Michael’s been teaching me to fight and wield my Grace against demons and anything else Lucifer throws my way.
The problem is, the more time I spend with Michael, the closer I want to get to him. Sometimes I think maybe he feels the same. Sometimes, I think maybe we stand a chance. And then I’m reminded that’s strictly forbidden unless he wants to end up among the Fallen.
Unless you believe the prophecies about me. They say I need to choose between the dark and the light. Only it’s hard to interpret what I’m supposed to do. Is choosing Michael the path to salvation or sin? Or will choosing Lucifer lead to damnation or a chance at redemption for everyone?

This is a sequel to The Fallen series, picking up with Mercy’s daughter, Eve, about twelve years later. Secrets of the Fallen is a completed series of two books, Eve of Awakening and Eve of Redemption, and will be better enjoyed after reading The Fallen series, starting with Angel of Mercy.

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