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*Blows the dust off the page*

Okay, so… I guess I haven’t written anything since October of 2018. For a long time, I wasn’t sure I could, I’ve been so disheartened. Work has been so soul sucking I haven’t had the brain space to write, even if I had the time, and then the whole pandemic, blah… blah… blah…

Then I started writing Rob’s book in early 2022 and it started off strong until I lost momentum and that fizzled out. It’s been a busy couple of years since then, changing jobs, moving across the country, getting used to a different climate (humidity sucks!). So, when I started writing again a few weeks ago, I didn’t want to announce it since my last effort crashed and burned.

But now I can confirm I have completed Rob’s book!!! The Things You Say should be going live soon and I’ll post the links here. Rob’s story continues with the situation that I set up at the end of Know Me When the Sun Goes Down. If you haven’t read that one (or all of the previous Forged Bloodlines series), please stop and go back and read those first as well as Fated Love in this Fated Bloodlines series. Otherwise, this book won’t make as much sense or the stakes won’t be nearly as high.

Oh, also my mailing list is toast, so anyone who’s signed up for updates from my website will need to sign up again here: Join Mailing List

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