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Zombie Writer

Holy cow… I’ve gone through some writing fests over the years, but have never felt so drained as I do right now.  In anticipation of starting the new book on September 1st, I decided to power through the rest of my fanfic One Is the Loneliest Number, thinking I had maybe 3 or 4 more chapters to go – each averaging about 3000 words a piece.  Easy over the weekend, right?  Well six chapters (and a fair amount of RP with a friend) later I am just exhausted, ready to just veg in front of the TV and watch some mind numbingly stupid movie.  I love stupid movies by the way, in case I’ve never mentioned it before.  Amazon Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death… pure genius. Those silly movies from the 80′s that John Cusack was in, One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead… some of my all time favorites.  Throw in some musical numbers and it’s even better… Grease II anyone?

My new current favorite is The Lost Samaritan with Ian Somerhalder, who just looks pretty no matter how bad the film is, but suffers through the terrible script and even worse supporting cast (apart from the romantic lead, I liked her).   I once read a review who said it looked like Ian owed a gambling debt to the director and was forced to repay it by doing this movie and I have to agree, the movie is a trainwreck!  But oh so much fun!  If you can accept that the “FBI” all have bad German-American accents and seemed to pick up their dialogue from bad 80′s cop shows.  Oh and the liberal use of the American Flag and references to being in the US despite all the foreign plates on the cars and plenty other errors that reveal the film’s actual German heritage… just hilarious. 

So there’s more I could go on about the subject, but the truth is that my hands are just killing me and I need the rest!  I’m off to have a cup of cocoa, a couple of Tylenol and watch last week’s episode of The Gates.

Feedback is love!

7 Responses to Zombie Writer

  1. Andrea says:

    Amazing summary, bookmarked your site with interest to read more!

  2. Utah SEO says:

    You need to add a facebook button to your blog. I just tweeted this post, but had to do it manually. Just my $.02 :)

  3. Oskar says:

    I like this blog. I will undoubtedly be peeping into it frequently.

  4. Ich kann glauben.. dass das aufjedenfall gut ist. Trotzdem kann jeder es für sich selber entscheiden was man macht!

  5. Soldano SLO says:

    Good read, thank you so much for posting. A little more details would be even better.

  6. Good read, thank you so much for posting. A little more details would be even better.

  7. That was pretty good, keep up the good job.

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