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1st Draft is Done!!!

Okay apart from  missing chapter 9 (I can’t wrap my head around whether or not to include it or skip it!).  Right now it’s about 77,000 words, and there are some bits I know I need to flesh out more so I should hit 80K easy even without the chapter 9 if I decide to leave it out.  So, now it’s revision time, but some of the pressure is off so that will hopefully leave me some more time for fun writing as I’ve been really behind on my True Blood fanfic  (it’s been about 2.5 weeks since I updated, I think that’s a new record for me) and I am dying to start another Vampire Diaries fanfic (I seriously have about 6 different ideas spinning around in my head).  Only when I was taking a shower today inspiration hit for another book idea… so we’ll see what happens.  :D

Work has been crazy busy lately and all of my writing has taken a hit because of it as I’ve been more braindead when I get home and less productive, but it’s a huge weight off to have the 1st draft done of The Touch and find that it came out alright. 

Vacation is coming up all next week and we’ll see if I end up taking a vacation from writing too or if I let myself do some fun writing as relaxation… we’ll see.  I just got the new Sookie Stackhouse book to read too so I’m looking forward to delving into that.

Sorry I haven’t updated the Vampire Diaries recap but I just haven’t had the time and based on web traffic I’m not convinced too many people were really following it anyway, so it became lower on the priority list of what to work on.  I’ve got all the eps on Tivo, so if I get the time I could still write them out, but right now I’m not making any promises. 

Well off to start the first of many rewrites before Justified is on tonight!  10pm on FX, don’t forget to watch!

3 Responses to 1st Draft is Done!!!

  1. Tash says:

    Hi There,

    I just finished reading your fic Gray Skies (True Blood) on fanfiction.net and I really love it. I noticed that it hadn’t been updated in a while and was wondering if you still plan to continue with it?

    Kind Regards


  2. Lisa Olsen says:

    I just updated this weekend, so it’ll likely be a few days before I update again. It’s winding up now, so have to give some serious thought as to what threads I need to tie up before it’s done. Thanks for reading!

  3. Annie says:

    If you go back and do any recaps of TVD episodes, I’d absolutely love to hear your take on the finale or just the last 2 episodes. The ones leading up to that just got jumbled up in my mind due to anticipation of the penultimate episodes. But anyways, I’d love to know your views!

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