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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Vampire Diaries Recap – Episode 2.4

Episode 2.4 – “Memory Lane”

We begin with a flashback to the Founder’s Ball – the original one, where Stefan is escorting Katherine.  Damon watches from the sidelines with doofy looking hair until he’s seen smiling and talking to Elena… wait… ah dream sequence, got it.  Moving on.  Magically we’re at the Grill now and Elena and Damon are playing a very cozy game of pool.  Stefan seems pretty upset about it, but Katherine says “You loved me once, you can love me again”, urging him to give up on Elena and pick her.  I wouldn’t hold your breath honey…

Stefan wakes up, a little discombobulated, which is compounded by the realization that Katherine’s actually snuggled up in bed with him.   She’s been getting inside his head, trying to convince him that she’s back in town for 3 reasons:
1. you.  2.  you.  3.  you.   (i.e. Stefan)

Katherine sticks around, reading Stefan’s journal while he serves her a glass of blood from Damon’s private stash, and I’m not quite sure why he’s not booting her out.  Maybe because he wants to ask her about werewolves.  She says she knows not to pet one and it’s best to stay clear of them during the full moon.  Katherine further shares that the Lockwoods were the ones to rid the town of vampires back in the day, led by George Lockwood.  We get another flashback to the ball where we see her vow not to let anything happen to her family of vampires.   But apparently there aren’t too many werewolves left except for in really bad movies.  (anyone ever see her in Never Cry Werewolf?  Think Fright Night for the werewolf set)

It’s her turn to ask Stefan a questions now and she comes out swinging with – why does he still have that picture of her?  Why not burn it or tear it up?  But she doesn’t wait for him to answer.  Instead she says that he came back to Mystic Falls to fall in love with her all over again.  Stefan doesn’t deny it.  Instead he rushes to her side, touching her face tenderly, he asks with a touch of wonder to his voice:  “What is it about you that makes me still care?”  Just when their lips touch (and I’m thinking – what’s really going on here?), he stabs her in the back with a vervain dart.  Go Stefan!


I just checked my stats for the month of September on FanFiction.net, and I got 45,544 hits for my stories that month alone!  I am definitely feeling the love.  :)   It’s incredible to me that there are people out there reading from all over the world.  (What’s up Norway?)  Anyway thanks for all the great reviews and support, you guys really keep me going. 

I hope to have the next Vampire Diaries recap up tomorrow morning as I will likely be braindead by the time I get home from work.  Then this weekend I’ll be deep in rewrites for Pretty Witches All in a Row, trying to slash content to remove at least 10k from the finished product. 

Hopefully I’ll have time to go new car shopping this weekend as we’re looking to update our SUV for either a new SUV with all kinds of modern bells and whistles, or possibly a sportier car.  What do you guys think is better?  Camaro, Mustang or Challenger?