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A taste of Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down


Well, since y’all seem to be feeling Team Rob these days, I thought I’d give you a little sample from the new book that features Rob and Anja. So, the setting is, Anja is a little drunk on too much celebrating over the Elder thing, and they’re at Felix’s house in Malibu. Maggie is off to bed, and Felix and Bridget have already disappeared into his room. Anja has just asked Rob if he wants to go for a moonlit stroll and he turned her down, so she is in search of another glass of champagne to keep the party rolling.

“Night, Mags, sleep deep,” I called after her, turning to lean against the wall, not because I needed to, but because it felt nice since Rob had let go of me. When had he done that?

“You should get some sleep as well.”

“I know, you said that already,” I smiled, being more at his eye level with my heels on. “If you want to go to bed, you go ahead, I can find the champagne on my own.”

“I’ll stay up a piece longer, make sure everything’s tucked away for the night.”

My head tilted to one side. “Does that include me?”

“It does.”

“That sounds interesting.” I pushed myself away from the wall, hands coming to rest on his firm chest. “Tell me more.”

His fingers lightly encircled my wrists, pulling them away from his torso. “It’s not all that interesting really. Mostly it involves girls in their cups finding the right bed and catching a few winks.”

“Ah, but whose bed is the right bed?” I smiled, my body just a fraction of an inch from his without my hands between us. I could feel the heat pouring off of his body as I waited for him to answer. Instead he looked away, letting go of my wrists.

“Your own. Off you go then, like a good girl.” His head jerked towards the end of the corridor and I recognized the tone he used with Leila right off the bat.

“I’m not your sister.”

His lips twitched. “I’ve noticed.”

“I’m the new Elder you know.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“That makes me the boss of everybody.” An idea was forming. Still fuzzy around the edges, but a good one, I was sure of it.

“Not quite everybody. Off to bed now with you.” His head jerked again but I held my ground.

“But I’m the boss of you.”

“Something I’ve been reminded of far too frequently.”

“So… technically, you have to do whatever I say.”

“Were you needing something, miss?” He drew himself up formally, even as I slouched back against the wall again.

Boy howdy I needed something… and he was just the man to give it to me. But I couldn’t order him to kiss me, could I? My teeth caught at my lower lip, already thinking what I’d say and what he’d say, and what he’d do…

“Anja?” Rob prompted, breaking me out of my private fantasy.

Music could be heard coming from Felix and Bridget’s room. Deep, throbbing music, the kind you put on when you wanted a soundtrack for something that could get a little loud in the bedroom. Or a striptease – even better. Too bad he’d probably balk at the idea. But I was the boss. Isn’t that what Felix kept calling me? “I want to dance,” I decided suddenly, reaching for him. “Dance with me.”

Rob backed off, his hands coming up. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Sure it is. Dancing’s always a good idea,” I replied, pursuing him as he backed away down the hall. We came into the living room which was deserted, the lights low.

“I think we both know that’s not true.”

“I don’t think I know that it’s a thing I know, you know?” I’d wound myself into a corner of words, no longer sure what it was I wanted to say. Spotting a nearly full glass on champagne on the end table, I rescued it, downing it in one long gulp that tickled my nose. “Fine, take me to your bed then. Even better.” Tossing the glass negligently aside, it hit the plush carpet and rolled under the couch.


“Oh come on, you said you didn’t want to dance. Or did you change your mind? Fancy a dance then, mate?” I pretty much murdered his accent, but it was enough to bring the twitch of a smile to his lips.

“One dance, and then it’s off to bed with you,” he allowed, pulling me away from the coffee table where one of us might lose a shin.

“One dance is all I’m asking for.” I sighed happily over my victory, resting my chin against his shoulder as his arms came around me. Once again I was struck by how well we moved together. I had a feeling it would translate well off the dance floor. What was it Bridget had said about his hands?

I found myself breathing faster, and deliberately forced myself to think of something else before I lost what self esteem I had left and begged him to forget his silly objections to what we both wanted. “I really do like you in this suit,” I murmured, fishing around for something to say.

“You’ve mentioned that before.”

“Do you like my dress?”

“It’s very nice.”

“Again with the nice,” I snorted, teetering back on my heels to get a better look at him. “Maybe I should raid Bridget’s closet and see what I can come up with that might get a stronger reaction. What kind of girls do you like, Rob?”

“I like girls who do what they’re told.” He raised a brow at me pointedly, but I took it a different way.

“Now we’re getting interesting again. What would you tell me to do, Robby? If you could make me do anything? No one interfering, nothing but you and me and your deepest desires. Anything at all…” My voice fell to a whisper. His jaw tightened, and I saw the hunger descend almost as if he craved a taste of me the way a vampire would.

“The things you say,” he breathed, his gaze lingering on my mouth.

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