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Always Talk to Strangers


So, I’ve been wanting to share a bit of fun news for a while, but didn’t want to jinx it until I knew it was a done deal. I’ve been working on a bit of freelancing for a cool app called Episode. It’s all about interactive storytelling, in a fun, animated format. What does that mean for you? This is basically like reading an animated comic book on your phone (any Android/iOS device) for free when you download their app. You get to make choices about who you talk to, how you interact, even what you’re wearing!

The story I’m writing for them is called Always Talk to Strangers. Here’s the teaser blurb:

The sheltered daughter of a tycoon is saved from a violent attack by a handsome stranger with a mysterious secret – but is he friend or foe? She won’t know who to trust as her own powers emerge, and her past proves to be the most mystifying of all.

In typical Lisa Olsen style, you’ll see lots of twists and turns, love and betrayal, a sassy heroine who comes into her own power and a whole lotta secrets to be uncovered. I hope you’ll check it out, the more readers I get, the more prominently they’ll place my story.

Here’s the link to get the apps (or you can find them on your phone): http://pocketgems.com/episode-interactive/
My story is listed under the “Fantasy” category and then under the “pilots” section.

In addition to my story, there are dozens of other animated stories there and if you can even try the writer’s portal if you’re interested in trying your hand at animating your own story for fun.

27 Responses to Always Talk to Strangers

  1. Emma says:

    Please do a follow-up of this story as it’s really good.

  2. Bridget says:

    The story was amazing. You are so talented. I look up to you for your incredible writing techniques and style. Once again the story was great. Thank you for the great read.

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Thanks for that! I hope you check out my new story on Episode when it’s released, Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down. :)

      • Maha says:

        Hello i finished reading your story it’s TOTES amazing!! I have an idea for you this is not the end of the story why you not write new episodes about where is lily going with ty it will be fun!

  3. Heidi says:

    I love your story I am on chapter 11 and have no passes. I really want to read your story now! I can’t wait to read your follow ups

  4. Joy says:

    Does it really stop at chapter 14? Oh please please finish it! Its so suspenseful, I LOVE IT! Keep it up!!

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Episode’s working on releasing the rest of the chapters soon. There was some kind of glitch in the last update, but it should be fixed soon. There are 24 chapters total.

  5. Diamond says:

    Will you make another one with mysteries

  6. Diamond says:

    I’m on chapter 8

  7. Eleytheria says:

    Hi. It was a great story. On the last chapter I chose Morgan… What would be the end if I chose Ty? I couldn’t replay only that chapter and I don’t want to spenad all my passes to the same story…

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Hi, I’m glad you liked it! If you’d chosen Ty for her, then she would’ve gone off with him to learn all she could about her abilities, and broken things off with Morgan.

    • Dalisha says:

      Well I really love this book too I’m on chapter 12 I can’t belie that Meg works for him and that mr. Newton is not the father then where’s the mother

  8. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t yet finished reading the entire thing but this is such a great story! I always am waiting for another pass to read ahead!! You’re such a talented author!!! Keep writing!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey, you should totally make a sequel to this! I had a great time playing, and I can tell from all the other positive feedback you have gotten in the comments. I know that you’re probably going to say that you’ll only make another sequel if Episode asks, but hey, loads of people enjoyed this work, and you don’t really need their permission to do so. You had fun making it, and us readers had a lot of fun reading it – what’s the holdback?

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Well, it is a tremendous amount of work and very time consuming to animate the stories there, and while I did have fun, I do have to make a living with my writing. So for the moment, I’m focusing on my books unless or until Episode decides to commission a second season or an additional story.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I loved Always talk to strangers. But I think you could continue it. Like a 2nd season. It is an amazing story.

  11. Phephe Takuu says:

    Hello, I’ve read this story, Talking to Strangers, and I think, it’s amazing! I never really read mystery stories but this attracted my attention. I thought there would be a book of this but with a longer story. I wish if this was an actual movie with a book along with it, I’ll definitely watch and read the book again!

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