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Between The Scenes With Iris – Adam

Five minutes with Adam from Angel of Mercy

Iris: Iris here, I’m talking to everybody’s favorite fallen angel Adamiel, or Adam as he goes by these days. Thanks for joining us today, I know you like to keep a low profile.

Adam: You called, I came. [He shrugs nonchalantly, reclined in the chair with lazy grace]

Iris: If only it was always that simple. Are there many fallen angels living among us? Sam shot me down on this one.

Adam: I haven’t taken role lately, but there’s a fair number of us, yeah. Most of them keep to themselves though, they’ve got notions of working off their sins or something. [A roll of the eyes is given]

Iris: But not you?

Adam: I’ve suffered plenty, believe me. If God had wanted to torture me further he would have done it. No, I believe in taking pleasure where you can.

Iris: Sounds like an enlightened way of looking at it. I gotta ask, what’s with the all in black look. Do you have a thing for Johnny Cash? Would a little bit of color hurt every now and then? [He is dressed from head to toe in black. Boots, jeans, shirt, jacket, the whole shebang]

Adam: You don’t like it? Most women do. [Those bright blue eyes flash playfully and I have no trouble believing that. In fact, it takes me a minute to remember what I'd asked him]

Iris: No, it’s a good look for you, I admit. But it sort of paints a certain picture. Are you really still the same bad boy who’s been debauching his way through the past two thousand years? Or have things changed?

Adam: I’ll just say that some things have changed, but I won’t go into detail beyond that.

Iris: Because you’re worried that admitting you have feelings for Mercy will put her in danger? [He drops a quick wink, but doesn't say anything else] Who do you think might be listening in?

Adam: You never can tell who’s paying attention. For the moment Mercy will have to get along without me.

Iris: Is that such a good idea? Aren’t there a lot of people after her? What about this prophecy I keep hearing about?

Adam: Christ, Sam can’t keep his mouth shut… I didn’t say she wasn’t being looked after, I’m just not… I can’t be with her right now. It’s for her own protection.

Iris: But you want to be?

Adam: [His eyes unfocus for a moment as if he's remembering something before they return to the present] It doesn’t matter what I want. New topic please.

Iris: Okey doke, you mentioned before about coming when called. If that’s the typical M.O. for angels, how come you’ve been giving Mercy the cold shoulder? You don’t have to be with her to protect her, right? You could still drop by and make sure she’s okay.

Adam: That’s complicated.

Iris: Because of what happened to your wife?

Adam: We’re not going to talk about that [His eyes flash intensely and it's clear that's a dealbreaker. I can see a little of what scares the hell out of demons behind that easy smile.]

Iris: Yeah, okay, no problem. But um… you know she’s kinda worried about you, right?

Adam: She’s worried about me? [I appear to have surprised him, bonus points for me!]

Iris: Well, I that’s how I took it. She asked how you were, but then changed her mind, she said she doesn’t care what you have to say.

Adam: Yeah, that sounds about right [He doesn't seem upset though, a smile plays around his lips as he thinks about her] Well, you can tell her, that I’m just fine, if she wants to worry, she should try worrying about herself.

Iris: That brings me back to the prophecy again, is she in danger?

Adam: That girl seems to fall into some kind of danger every time she turns around. [He mutters disgustedly] But I’m working on it. [Before I can ask him what he's working on to keep her safe, a shriek is heard from the outer office, followed by a series of shouts and the lights flicker] What’s all the commotion?

Iris: Oh, there are some people waiting to be interviewed, it has something to do with ghosts, they’ve been freaking out the staff all morning. Don’t worry about it.

Adam: I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. [a wolfish grin appears]

Iris: Yeah I’ll just bet you’re not afraid of much. Look, just say I happened to run into Mercy again, is there anything you’d like me to tell her?

Adam: Tell her… [a wistful look comes over his face and then he hangs his head in regret or sorrow] Tell her to stick close to Sam and the Cop. There’s a bumpy ride up ahead.

Thanks for reading, guys. Stay tuned for the next Between the Scenes interview with Lexi, from The Touch.

*If there are other characters you’d like Iris to interview, or burning questions you wish she’d asked, please drop her a line in the comments section here, she adores fan mail.

** The picture above is not an actual depiction of Adam, merely an interpretation of the author’s vision of the character.

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  1. DM says:

    Nice interview. The girl seems to fall into danger every time she turns around – makes this story intriguing.

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