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Release Me When the Sun Goes Down is out!


My new book is out! Release Me When the Sun Goes Down is now available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It’s out as an e-book for $3.99 but you don’t have to have a Kindle or Nook to read it, they have free downloadable apps so you can read it on your PC, or even your phone. It’ll be available in print as well in a few days through Amazon.

Here is the blurb:
“Bossy Anja was in control now, and I’d be damned if I let either Ellri take that away from me.”

Anja will endure anything to save her loved ones – torture, humiliation, showtunes, you name it. For Rob she’s sacrificed everything, even her last drop of blood, desperate to save him from Lodinn’s twisted revenge fantasy. In this seventh Forged Bloodlines installment, Release Me When the Sun Goes Down, Anja realizes that the only way to defeat an enemy scarier than Jakob is to stop relying on a knight in shining armor to do it for her and fight him herself. In the process she finds the strength to take back her due and the man she loves. The answer to her problems lies in the birthplace of vampire mythology, and Anja embarks on a rescue mission to save her family and friends before they’re picked off one by one.

Next up… the yet unnamed sequel to Pretty Witches All in a Row

A Taste of Release Me When the Sun Goes Down


Four days until Release Me When the Sun Goes Down is out!

As promised, here is an excerpt that goes with this teaser:

*Anja and Rob steal a few private moments together*

“Hey, sleepyhead.” I sat on the edge of Rob’s bed to shake him awake. Normally I liked to let him sleep in until he naturally rose, but Jenessa had taken Maggie out shopping and Hanna was upstairs playing Texas Hold ‘Em with Lee, so we had some relative privacy for the moment.

“Hey,” he murmured, his voice low and roughened with sleep. “Something amiss?”

“Nope, just thought I’d ask you something to help settle a bet.”

His brows crinkled closer in confusion. “What kind of bet?”

“You do like the ladies, don’t you?”

“Come again?”

“Jenessa was wondering, and seeing as how I haven’t been close enough to you to tell lately…”

That’s as far as I got before he grabbed hold of me with one arm and pulled me into the bed beside him, growling, “I’ll show you how much I like the ladies.” He covered my neck with raspy kisses, making me giggle uncontrollably until we settled under the comforter, my hair half strewn across my face as I fought for breath.

“Hullo,” he rumbled, brushing the strands away from my forehead.

I smiled up at him, my arms sliding around his waist. “Hi.”

“You shouldn’t be in here like this.” But he didn’t make any move to let me go.

“I know. It’s only Lee and Hanna in the house though, their hearing isn’t as good.”

“It is with you making such a ruckus.”

“I could always say you did something funny to make me laugh.”

“Because I’m known for acting the comedian?” He raised a single brow.

“Then don’t tickle me with your scruff and I won’t be so loud. When’s the last time you shaved anyway?”

“I thought you liked me like this.”

“I do yesterday or tomorrow, today is that super prickly stage,” I said, rubbing my jaw along the side of his.

“I see,” he said seriously. “And how will you explain what I done to make this sound?” In the space of a breath he ducked under the comforter, tugging up the corner of my shirt to nip at the tender skin underneath my ribs. He was probably going for the tease, but the second I arched up under him it became something else. His mouth closed over my flesh, no longer tickling, but kissing and nuzzling his way back up to my neck. This time it didn’t tickle one bit as my head lolled to the side, giving him better access.

“So soft…” he murmured against my skin, pressing intimately against me and my legs parted to accept him. This was dangerous, and I never wanted it to end. Rob’s lips closed over mine and I moaned against his mouth. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to taste him so badly.

“We have to stop,” he whispered, even as his hands skimmed lower.

“I know.” But neither one of us did.

He was the one to break the silence as my hand wrapped around his length, hard and ready for me, and I laid a finger to his lips. “Shh, the only way this works is if we’re absolutely silent. Or do you want me to stop?”

He looked up at me, helpless to the passion clouding his hazel eyes when I held him in my grasp. “Don’t stop,” he breathed. “Don’t ever stop.”


Release Me When the Sun Goes Down comes out on May 15th, but you can pre-order your copy here.

Think you are in the know? Not so fast. . .

Have you subscribed to my mailing list so as to not miss out on important announcements on new releases and such? Are you sure? Did you know that the process isn’t complete until you acknowledge the email verifying your email address? Currently there are 176 people who haven’t completed that step. Are you one of them? Seeing as how communication with my facebook page is hit and miss and you might miss a blog here and there, the mailing list is still the absolute best way to find out the haps in my world.

Speaking of which… Release Me When the Sun Goes Down goes live in a week! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?

New Cover Art for Pretty Witches All in a Row

The votes are in and it looks like the next book I’ll be working on will be the sequel to Pretty Witches All in a Row. It’ll be another stand alone book (no cliffhangers at all) and it won’t be necessary to have read Pretty Witches first, but it will certainly enhance the story if you already know the characters. The Captain has been hard at work on a new cover for Pretty Witches and I love how it came out! What do you guys think?

Also, a quick reminder that the fan fiction contest ends on April 30th. I’ve got two entries so far!

Also, also… Release Me When the Sun Goes Down is doing great on the Amazon Hot New Releases list, currently #9 in occult. Not too bad for a book that’s not out yet! Release day is May 15th, but you can pre-order your copy from Amazon here.

What next?

Time for a vote.

I’m still in edits for Release Me When the Sun Goes Down, slated to release May 15th, but I’m already thinking ahead to the next project. I have a few options in mind, but I’d love to hear your opinion. What book would you like to see me write next? (And no, sorry, another Forged Bloodlines one is off the table for the next book!)

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The Company of Darkness is out in Print!


The Company of Darkness is now out in print! So, for all you out there who prefer to hold the physical book in your hands (and it’s very pretty!), you can buy it on Amazon.com here.

I’m wondering if there’s a market for signed copies. Would people be interested in paying $20 (shipping included) for any of my print books?

In other news… I’m about 34K into Release Me When the Sun Goes Down and poor Anja and Co are still reeling from the haps from the last book. Don’t worry, I have a pretty good feeling that she’ll be able to dig her way out of the current mess.

How are you guys coming along with the Forged Bloodlines fanfics? You’ve still got a month to submit!