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Cover Art for The Company of Shadows

Here is the cover for my newest release, The Company of Shadows. I think it came out pretty sweet, thanks to my husband James for working on it for me! Here is the book’s blurb:

Cady Garrett can’t help but be shaken when next door neighbor Ethan shows up in the nick of time to save her from a would be killer with a rusty knife, spouting mumbo jumbo. Even more disturbed when the killer slits his own throat to escape Ethan after a vicious struggle. Curiously, Ethan insists on leaving before the dead killer returns, even though he can barely stand on his feet. Nursing him back to health, Cady is drawn into a world of half truths and mysteries, where shadows hide more than the seedy underbelly of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. She has become the obsession of a darker power, and no one, not even Ethan can keep her safe from his twisted desires.

Hope to have this one out in the next couple of weeks once the edits are complete.

2 Responses to Cover Art for The Company of Shadows

  1. Randi padgett says:

    That cover is awesome! It’s perfect for this book I think :)

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