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Cover Reveal for Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down


Argh, I forgot to post the cover reveal here! It’s been a crazy week, and here’s the cover for Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down. So far it’s out on Amazon, still waiting for it to show up on other sites. You can buy it here.

4 Responses to Cover Reveal for Kiss Me When the Sun Goes Down

  1. Tracy Tisdale says:

    I absolutely love your stories. Your characters are wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

  2. Charlene says:

    When will Kiss Me When The Sun Goes Down be released on paperback? Forged Bloodlines is absolutely wonderful! I had ordered books 1-8 a few months ago, after a friend recommended them to me and I fell in love from the beginning :) I just finished book 8 last week and ordered book 9 right away and now I see that book 10 is out on kindle, hopefully the paperback is released soon also :)
    This series has made me a mega fan :) I will definitely be adding all your other books to my bookshelf’s!

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