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Dreamcasting – The Touch

It was a lot of fun for me to set this book in Santa Cruz, CA since I spent the majority of my childhood growing up there.  So yes, there is a real King Chwan’s restaurant with the best Kung Pao chicken ever, and the Pacific Garden Mall really does sport the occasional pack of  Hare Krishnas parading down the sidewalk in all their musical glory.  Being able to vividly picture the locale was a big help to me in setting the spooky mood.

As you know, I always have someone in mind when creating new characters for my books. Maybe it’s cheating a little, but it definitely helps me flesh them out in my mind. And of course, if they ever made a movie or tv series out of the story, I could help steer them in the right direction. ;) So, in the spirit of that happy thought, here is my dream casting for who would play everybody in The Touch.

Lexi Morgan – A dark haired Anna Paquin. I think she could capture Lexi’s quirkiness, as well as gumption and loyalty to her family and friends.

Detective Gabriel Ryan – Timothy Olyphant. He’s Olyphantastic, need I say more? Where else can I find a cop with easy charm that’s capable of intensity and humor at the same time?

Allison Travers – Jennifer Connelly. She can look so sweet and girl next door, you’d never ever suspect her of having her own secrets.

Chloe Travers – Chloe Moretz. Love, love, love this girl. She is such a fantastic actress, I could easily picture her dealing with all of the ghosts.

Detective Tim Cooper – Jacob Pitts. Go watch Eurotrip, and then go watch an episode of Justified. ’nuff said.

Maddie Parker – Kristen Bell – because I love Kristen Bell and I like to incorporate her whenever I can. I have no idea why I’ve never made her the heroine to any of my books yet. Also Ryan Reynolds. Love me some Ryan Reynolds, how have I not paired these two up yet? But I digress…

Paul Spencer – Paul Wesley – He plays the nice, safe guy so well!

Sophia – Monica Bellucci. She’s so beautiful, but I could see her slowly unraveling and spinning into madness quite nicely.

Neil Travers – Okay so he doesn’t play much of a role in this one, but in my head I had Tom Jane as ‘the tool’.

Bianca – I don’t know, I can never see her face!

Jack (Sophia’s husband) – Matthew Fox. Every time I hear the name Jack, I think of him. It’s as easy as that. Plus, wouldn’t he look great in a period military uniform?

That’s pretty much everybody I had a specific person in mind for while I was writing. What about you guys? Who did you see when you were reading the book?

And thanks to Mike Saxton for the glorious review of the book, extra cookies for you! http://www.7scorpions.com

3 Responses to Dreamcasting – The Touch

  1. William Kendall says:

    Those are some good choices. I’m familiar with most of them, except for Jacob Pitts and Paul Wesley.

    I’ve done the same sort of thing with my own characters, dreamcasting them, and it is fun!

    And I’m very fond of the name Bianca.

  2. Beth says:

    I’ve also done this before…And, it makes it easier to “picture” your characters when you can put a famous face to them. And, it’s incredibly fun!

    BTW, love Thomas Jane…!

  3. Mike says:

    Now let’s just hope that it is made into a movie. It’s definitely worthy of that! :-)

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