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Goodbye Gray Skies, Now What?

I’ve finally wrapped up my True Blood fanfic Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up after 4o chapters and as always, I find myself looking around asking, now what?  The short answer is writing, duh, but writing what?  I’ve just started another TVD fic Dark Side of the Moon and I’m having a good time playing with Damon and company after a too long hiatus, but I do find that I like flipping back and forth between fics, it helps keep me sharp.   I really enjoyed coming up with a tie in for Eric and Rob (original character) and I’m considering a spin off for them that’s either in the past or the future, but I haven’t quite decided what I might do there yet.

I could always start another book, I’ve got another stand alone novel idea all prepped and ready to go.  Okay so it’s not fully mapped out, but I have the basic premise in mind.  Or I could do a sequel to one of my other four books, each of them can definitely work as part of a series, especially Angel of Mercy which ends on a definite cliffhanger.  I am enjoying the lazy pace of posting to fanfic though, I am addicted to the instant feedback for one (hey, it’s been an hour since my last update, where are my reviews?!) and I love, love, love writing Damon, he’s gotta be the most fun to write for, hands down.

I do intend to get back to finishing the Vampire Diaries recaps too, it bothers me that I didn’t finish them, even though everyone’s probably seen them by now.  I’ll tackle the next one this weekend, I’ve got them all on Tivo.  We’ve also got some private ventures going on, working on setting up an online store of all kinds of interesting, eclectic gifts and that’s taking up some of my time too and on top of that some home remodeling stuff we’ve been putting off for far too long.  So… just a little to keep me busy these days.

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