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Mercy for the Damned is now out in Print!

The third book in The Fallen series is available through Amazon.com in print! To celebrate, here is another little excerpt that takes place after Mercy gets back to Midian to rescue Adam.

Without thinking, I let go of Nelo’s hand, rushing forward to greet him without a single thought as to whether or not there might be anyone else in the room watching. “Adam!” I gasped, my heart clenching almost painfully in relief as I ran to his side to throw my arms around him. Only Adam didn’t seem happy to see me at all, catching hold of my arms before I could wrap them around his shoulders.

“Nice try, I’m not falling for that again,” he growled, shoving me aside where I landed on my butt with a soft whump. Oh sweet Jesus, had Raum sent him an imposter me? For what possible purpose?

“Adam it’s me!” I insisted, shifting back up to my knees. “It’s Mercy.”

“Uh huh, sure,” he turned back to his book, studiously ignoring me.

“No, seriously…” I frowned. “Who else would I be? Look, I brought Nelo with me,” I looked around but Nelo was gone. “Nelo?” Adam didn’t even bother to look up, and I craned my head to look back towards the doorway. “Nelo, this is really not a cool time to go walkies…”

“I’m not into the floor show, so you can take your act and buzz off, okay?” he smirked. “Why don’t you run off and tell Raum I don’t need his attempts to keep me happy, I’ll keep honoring my part of the bargain.”

“Oh for the love of…” snatching the book out of his hands, I tossed it aside. “Hey, the least you can do is listen to me after everything I did to get here. I don’t know what Raum’s done to you and frankly I don’t want to know about you and any body doubles he’s sent your way, but it really is me and I can prove it.”

“This should be interesting.” Looking only mildly intrigued, Adam sat up, legs swinging towards me as he gave me his complete attention. “Go ahead; dazzle me with your Mercy-like skills.”

Despite the mild rejection, I still itched to hold him, but it was clear I’d have to convince him first. “I’m assuming you can’t tell by my Grace?”

“I see a shine of Grace, but that could be a trick of the light.”

“Fair enough, but we have a connection, right?” I laid my hand on his knee lightly and his eyes dropped to follow it. “You should be able to feel me all the time the way I feel you. Don’t I feel closer now?”

“You do feel close,” he murmured as I slid my hand a little higher up his thigh, my body shifting so that I came to kneel between his legs.

“On some level you know it’s me, even if I didn’t have anything to say about the boneheaded deal you made with Raum.”

“I know you’re not her,” Adam said evenly, “because if my Mercy were to show up here, I’d have to throttle her on sight for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“Since when do I do what I’m told?” I scoffed. “Besides, there are other things to consider, things you know nothing about. Can’t you tell it’s me?” Leaning close, I brushed my lips against his tentatively. “Not even a little bit?”

Adam went as still as a statue at the touch, a little groan escaping his lips as I bussed him lightly again. “God forgive me, I don’t even care if you’re not mine, I miss you so much, Mercy,” he breathed, mouth chasing after mine. For long seconds I lost myself in the familiar taste of Adam, before his words came back to haunt me.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” I frowned, breaking the kiss. I didn’t want him kissing me unless he was completely sure it was me. “But if you need more proof, then here,” I laid the two metal slugs I always carried with me into the palm of his hand. Adam’s brows drew together as he tried to puzzle through what they were until the realization dawned upon him.

“You pulled these out of me that night…”

“In my living room, before you left me,” I nodded, gratified to see his face change, the skepticism fading, replaced by longing so sharp, it took my breath away.

“And you’re really here…”

“I’m here,” I grinned like a fool before our lips crashed together in another passionate kiss.

2 Responses to Mercy for the Damned is now out in Print!

  1. Samus says:

    Ok, maybe I need a break. I’ve spent the last three days reading non-stop through all of “The Fallen” books and I’m kind of bummed out without a conclusive ending. I would like to see Mercy get a better ending and obviously her story was left hanging. So, when is the next part coming?

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Yes, there are at least two more Mercy books, I’m thinking. The next one is likely not going to come out until next spring or possibly the end of this year as I have three other books planned in between.

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