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NaNoWriMo Fast Approaches…

And I am having some serious waffling issues.  So far I think I’ve chosen and discarded easily a half dozen ideas on what to write about.  I had started with the sequel to Angel of Mercy, No Mercy for the Wicked.  But then I decided to go with something fresh and something my eleven year old might enjoy reading.  I even sat down with her and did some brainstorming, which was a lot of fun.  I helped her decide what she’s gonna write for NaNo! 

Only the thing is… we can’t seem to agree on anything for me to write on that she wants to read!  She’ll like part of my idea, but not others, or we’ll have a serious disagreement on what the characters should be like.  So I’m thinking… writing kids books is not my forte.  :)   Which is fine, and I thought I’d still try and tackle a young adult book since it’d be smaller overall and I’m so pressed for time. 

But then I started editing down Moonsong and felt like writing a sequel to that one… and ugh there are too many choices!  And I’m still trying to refine my three completed books and pitch them to agents and publishers.  To top things off, work continues to consume more of my time than I would like and I’ve started to entertain the notion of not writing anything for Nano.

I know.  Sacriligious!  It pains me to even think of not doing it. 

Then I thought about having one of my new fanfics count as a NaNo entry.  After all, I could start it in the month of November and then I could kill two birds with one stone.  But somehow that seems like cheating.  It’s national NOVEL writing month, does fanfic count?

So now here I am, 4 ish days from the start and I have no idea if I’ll be doing it, or what I’ll be writing about.  Yikes!

What do you guys think?  Any ideas?  Comments?  Does Fanfic count as writing towards Nano?

3 Responses to NaNoWriMo Fast Approaches…

  1. Karen says:

    Fanfic counts. I mean, yours end up novel sized, yes? :)

  2. Lisa Olsen says:

    Thanks for this. :) Turns out I will be counting fanfic for NaNo this year.

  3. Hey thanks for yet another very interesting post. Where do you find your inspiration for all this :| ? – Tandarts

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