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Nine Steps to Sara is now available online!

Nine Steps to Sara

My new ghosty thriller Nine Steps to Sara is now available for sale on Amazon.comand BarnesAndNoble.com! It’s out as an e-book for $3.99 but you don’t have to have a Kindle or Nook to read it, they have free downloadable apps so you can read it on your PC, or even your phone. It’ll be available in print as well in a couple of weeks through Amazon.

When single mom Sara Darling inherits an estate in the remote English countryside, she jumps at the chance to become Lady of the Manor. With 8 year old son Jack and best friend Joanie in tow, they explore the nearly deserted mansion, isolated from the rest of the world except for the nearby village where everybody seems to know her business. Distracted by the charming chauffeur, Will, soon Sara never wants to leave her newfound home.

But the eerie manor house is hiding more than a ruined garden and plumbing issues, and it’s up to Sara to find out what the loyal staff isn’t telling. When Sara finds Jack talking to an empty room, she begins to wonder if she made the right decision uprooting her tiny family as the spooky surroundings fuel her imagination.

Especially when she starts to hear the voice talk back.

Is her ancestor’s unnatural attachment to Jack borne of concern or something more sinister? When she discovers the truth, will Sara accept the legacy she’s inherited, or run for her life?

I’m just about ready to start writing on the next book Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down, the next in my vampire series Forged bloodlines.

4 Responses to Nine Steps to Sara is now available online!

  1. RandiPandi says:

    I am a lover of haunted house/ghost stories, and I have been since I was a kid. I find it hard to find stories that actually have that creep factor that we all look for in a scary story, but Lisa Olsen pulled it off.
    If you’ve ever read Lisa Olsen, than you know that her books have it all; romance, suspense, mystery, and of course, the supernatural. And this one is no different. In this story, a single mother is trying to protect her child from an unseen entity, even at the risk of her own life. That’s what makes this story so believable, the love this mother has for her child, I seen that kind of love, I’ve felt that kind of love.
    Lisa Olsen is so good at bring aspects of real life into her stories, that it’s so easy to imagine that it’s really happening. But at the same time she takes you to a place that you never would have thought to go on your own, and does what every good book should, and gives you a break from reality for a little while.

  2. Anne Howard says:

    Having had another think about things (can you tell I haven’t got a life..lol) I would nominate Will Mellor in the role as ‘Will’… if you’ve not seen any of his stuff he was a lead actor in a tv programme called Pint of Lager and Two Packets of Crisps, has appeared in several musicals (and dear Lord can he sing!) but in a more serious role, he has appeared in several Agatha Christie adaptations too.

    He could drive me anywhere he liked – I certainly wouldn’t object! :-D

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