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Oregon Novel Contest

At long last I got the results of the Oregon Novel Contest with local publisher Onyx Neon Press that I submitted to last April.  They had pledged to publish the top two novels submitted that were written during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November).  I came in 3rd!  So sadly, I am not winning the publishing contract, but I did get an honorable mention and I figure it’s not too shabby for my first novel ever.  And they will provide me with the judges’ feedback.

I also heard back from the agent I’ve been working with that she is definitely interested, but suggested some changes to the 2nd book.  I’m learning that while people do like the books, they’re considered to be too long at 110k and 98.5k respectively.  So, that gives me a couple of new projects, to start editing and trim them down a bit.  But first I want to get the current book finished, at least the first draft of it. 

RL has hit me hard this week at work, so I’ve fallen a little behind the last couple of days and I’m due to write another chapter of fanfic soon and the latest Vampire Diaries episode recap too.  On the plus side, I’m in a long weekend now, so that gives me some extra time to get caught up, so I’m hopeful I’ll emerge at the end of the weekend on top.

Feedback is love!

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