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Rewrites Already?

Ok so remember how I said I wasn’t exactly in love with what I had so far for the next book?  Well I decided that it just wasn’t clicking exactly, and scrapped the entire beginning; changing the POV to 1st person instead of 3rd.  I’ve never really been a fan of 1st person POV, but I think it’s well suited for this particular story.  I was able to save some of what I had written already, but a lot of it had to go which was hard to accept.  But in the end I’m much happier with how it’s coming along now.  I’ve just crested the 14,000 word mark now and it’s not even dinner time yet, so I’m chugging along ahead of schedule, even with that setback.  I even managed to post another update for some fanfic today, AND even got out for a bit to go feed the ducks with my hubby and youngest and enjoy the sunshine, so all is right with the world.  :)

In other news, I got a phone call yesterday from a literary agent who is reviewing Pretty Witches All in a Row and she seemed pretty interested in both that book and my writing in general.  *does happy Snoopy dance*  She’s going to finish reading the book over the weekend and get back to me, and I’m crossing all available bits (except for fingers, gotta keep typing after all…) that she likes it well enough to want to represent me. 

Off now to make some dinner (linguine with spicy Italian chicken sausage and marinara sauce, mmm) and then it’s back to writing!

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