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SeptNoWriMo Update

I am so close to finishing this writing challenge I can almost taste it!  I’ve made it through a first draft of the new book and just have one more scene to add (a dream sequence, love those!) and I was sorta hoping I’d be done by now.  But RL has really kicked my butt this week so far so that one scene is only about a third completed.  I’m not sure if I’ll get it done tonight either as I’ve got a killer headache but I might push through a rough draft of it anyway since I’m so close!  This one will be quite a bit shorter than the other two books, closer to 75k so hopefully more palatable to agents and publishers for an unpublished author. 

I just finished my first fanfic One Is The Loneliest Number this week and it’s a bittersweet ending for me.  Sweet because it was my first attempt at fanfic, I’m really proud of how it came out and thrilled with the responses I got from my readers.  Saddened because it’s over.  But at 33 chapters and almost 100k words it’s practically a book in and of itself!

I’ve also been working on Wake Me When The Sun Goes Down and just threw my readers a BIG curve ball.  In preparation for the reviews I took a deep breath and put my armor on expecting a lot of outcry, but instead I got the nicest, most supportive responses!  I have to say my reviewers are the coolest readers out there!  I’m definitely feeling the love and it makes me want to update faster. 

On a side note my eleven year old daughter just told me she’s gonna start writing a fanfic today, I’m so proud!  Only I had to promise not to read it.  :P   I guess I can understand that.  I just hope she keeps it up! 

Off now to try and push my way through this final scene so I can be done with my first draft!

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