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The Things You Say is live!


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Everyone deserves a chance at happily ever after, don’t they? Even a proper villain and a damaged little dove.

I’ve always known the happy ending bit wasn’t for me. A proper villain, I’ve done things that don’t deserve that patch of happiness. Something needs doing, I do it. Don’t care much what it is, long as it keeps me in tea and trousers. So, when I got the offer to go up north for a spell, I didn’t think twice about working for another vamp, it was time to move on. Only the last thing I expected to find in the house of the Jarl of the Pacific Northwest was her.

She moved like a delicate flower in the breeze, in pink dance togs that clung to her like a second skin from neck to knees, a gauzy skirt flowing against her as she danced. Sable hair spilled down her back, floating every which way when she spun, like it had a life of its own.

What in the name of all fuckery was she doing here?

Seven years. Seven years since I’d last laid eyes on Rob, and there he was.
Same old Robby. The same whiff of bay rum aftershave and his own distinct scent I’d all but forgotten. The lilt of his rough accent reminded me of home and set off a different kind of longing. God strike me, he looked just as tempting as always.

This wouldn’t do at all. I couldn’t let him ruin everything.

Seven long years since I found Heaven and Hell in a single day. But I had to shut that all away in the past again and keep playing the role of Peyton’s sweet little dove. I had to keep focused or it would all be for nothing.

This story continues with the situation that I set up at the end of Know Me When the Sun Goes Down. If you haven’t read that one (or all of the previous Forged Bloodlines series), please stop and go back and read those first as well as Fated Love in this Fated Bloodlines series. Otherwise, this book won’t make as much sense or the stakes won’t be nearly as high.

Up next I’m working on continuing with the sequel to The Fallen series, Secrets of the Fallen, picking up with Mercy’s daughter Eve.

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