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Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down is out!


Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down, book 8 in my Forged Bloodlines vampire series, is now available as an ebook for $3.99! We’re still working on the print proof, but it should be up in a couple of weeks.

To help celebrate the release, the Forged Bloodlines boxed set (books 1-3) is on sale for $.99 for a limited time!

I’m also hosting a release party on Facebook on Tuesday the 9th from 12pm to 8pm PST. There will be lots of games and giveaways, I hope you can join us!

Here is the blurb:

“I couldn’t help but think we were finally over the worst of our troubles. I was such an idiot.”

The bad guy’s dead and gone, Jakob’s given Rob and Anja his blessing and left town, so everything should be smooth sailing, right? Right? Not so fast. Lodinn’s still wreaking havoc with their lives from beyond the grave as the search for Carys pulls Bishop and Jakob into the most unlikely of partnerships.

As Anja settles into her hard won bliss, she finds that things aren’t necessarily happy ever after as Rob’s mounting secrets begin to take their toll. All around her violence against humans is spilling into the city streets, threatening to expose vampires to human eyes and bringing vampire hunter Carter back into the picture. His direct but effective methods lead her to ask – is it wrong to kill a killer? Is there anything she can do to bring the violence to a halt apart from compelling the entire vampire community to her will?

When Bishop discovers Carys’ long lost diary, it holds the key to his past as well as Rob’s future. The burning question remains – is Carys really alive out there somewhere or was it merely a beautiful lie and Lodinn’s final revenge?

And can Anja survive a betrayal so deep it shakes her to the very core?

You can find Trust Me When the Sun Goes Down at:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Trust-When-Goes-Forged-Bloodlines-ebook/dp/B00NCPQGDA
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/trust-me-when-the-sun-goes-down

It will be available on Barnes & Noble and iTunes within the next few days.

Up next it’s Book 3 of The Company series, due out late 2014. After that it’s Tempt Me When the Sun Goes Down in early 2015.

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