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Nine Steps to Sara is out in print!

I’ve been so busy writing I’ve completely neglected to mention that Nine Steps to Sara is now available in print through Amazon.com!

Here is a little sample to whet your appetite:

Lying in the dark, Sara’s mind started to drift when the squeak of the door’s hinges made her eyes snap open. Instead of the comforting hall light, the room was pitch black, the window coverings doing their duty after she’d made sure the windows were locked up tight to avoid a repeat of the freeze out that morning. The creak of floorboards told her someone was in the room, but she couldn’t so much as glimpse a hint of movement in the inky blackness.

“Katie?” she whispered, thinking the maid might be sneaking in to leave or retrieve something, and the noise stopped. Long seconds passed, Sara’s heart pounding loudly in her ears as she waited for the intruder to identify itself, but the next sound that came was another footfall at the side of the bed. Quick like a fox, Sara reached over and snapped on the bedside lamp, squinting at the sudden burst of light, but there wasn’t anyone standing there. “Seriously losing my mind…” her head fell back against the pillow in disgust.

That’s when she noticed the bedroom door stood a few inches open.

“I know I shut that door,” Sara muttered, but now she wasn’t sure what to believe. There was no one in the room as far as she could see. Unless they were hiding under the bed…

“Hello?” she tried, her voice sounding small in the stillness of the room. Deciding she was being an idiot, she jumped out of bed and ducked her head under it, prepared to spring away at the first sign of a murderous asylum escapee. “You’re the one who belongs in an asylum,” she sighed, not finding so much as a dust bunny under there. Grabbing a fireplace poker, she methodically checked the bathroom, and the dressing room, but she was completely alone. Deciding to chalk it up to an overzealous imagination, she shut the bedroom door again, turning the key in the lock; Katie could knock the next morning.

“Seriously losing my mind…”

You Can’t Hug Every Cat

I came across this youtube video this week and I am seriously obsessed with it.  Every single time I watch it, it makes me absolutely giddy over how silly it is.  My kids now know the words to the song and hubby is working on making it a ring tone for my  youngest.  It’s made by this nifty downloadable app for your phone called Songify which will convert any spoken words into a techno pop kind of song.  You have to watch this.  Seriously.  Do it…


I can’t understand why she’s still single…