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The Fallen books 1-3 now available as a boxed set

The Fallen books 1-3 are now available as a boxed set for your kindle. I’ve never done a boxed set before, but it looks awful spiffy doesn’t it? (thanks James for the lovely pic, as usual!) Easy to navigate between books from the table of contents, this set contains Angel of Mercy, Mercy for the Wicked, Mercy for the Damned, deleted scenes form Mercy for the Damned and a preview of Child of Mercy. It can be found here on Amazon.com for $7.99.

In other news, I’m already deep in planning for my next book which I hope to begin in early March. It’s a stand alone novel about a demon hunter and his too-curious-for-her-own-good neighbor. It’s got sexy demons, magic, missing girls, a brooding hero with a dark secret, intrigue, body switching, mythology, tattoos, cheese whiz, you name it. I’m thinking of calling it In Darkness Bound or Let Darkness Bind Them.

Psst – Nine Steps to Sara is also free today on Kindle.

9 Responses to The Fallen books 1-3 now available as a boxed set

  1. Karen says:

    Cheez whiz?! It has to be awesome then..

    Good luck!

  2. Weird Vision says:

    I tried to download it, but it didn’t let me. It asked me to register my kindle. I usually see the books in cloud reader, but it doesn’t seem to work with this title. Any idea why? :(

    • greenemage says:

      Hi, sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner on this. I’ll take a look and see if we have any problems in the different readers and try and get back to you as soon as I can. Are you still having this problem?

      • Weird Vision says:

        I only tried it then and it didn’t work. I was able to download other free books that day, so it must have been some settings related to this particular title.

        • Lisa Olsen says:

          That’s really strange. We tried buying it with an account that doesn’t have a kindle registered to it, and it worked in the cloud reader and downloaded to the pc app just fine. Did you buy it on the US or the UK site? Did Amazon give you a refund since it didn’t work?

  3. Melissa says:

    So I think I sent an email, but wasn’t sure if I got a response. But, I know you have the fourth book out already, are we going to be expecting any more from the Fallen series? It’s really good and I just can’t help wanting more. :)

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