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We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Psawyer1 who won a free copy of my book!  Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the cover art fot Mercy for the Wicked, I loved your comments!  It was a pretty close race, with the eyes taking the lead right at the end, so now I’m pretty torn as to which way to go.  The eyes do tie in with demons in the book and it does tie in with the eye on the 1st book, but then does that rope me in to putting an eye on the cover for the third book?  The Sword does figure into the book as well, and I think it’s very pretty, but again, it might conjure images of a more sword and sorcery/fantasy type book.  What I learned is that they’re both pretty and eyecatching though, so more than likely, I’ll worry over it until the very last moment and then make my decision.

The edits are coming along very, very well by the way, I hope to have Mercy for the Wicked ready to publish in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

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