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Dreamcasting – Mercy for the Wicked

Mercy for the Wicked

Because I love visualizing who would be cast in a movie version of my books and I think it’s fun to share, here is my dream casting of who would play everybody in Mercy for the Wicked.

The main players stay the same:

Mercy – Amelia Warner – a pretty obscure British actress who I think is beautiful and spirited.

Sam – a younger Jude Law, pre-Talented Mr. Ripley. I came across a couple of pictures of him taken by the paparazzi and he was a little ruffled and baffled looking, it really caught that part of Sam’s clueless personality.

Adam – Ian Somerhalder because let’s face it, he could play this character in his sleep and he’s just a sexy beast.

Ben – Mark Rufalo – he has that every guy quality that’s easy to overlook sometimes, but he can be so charming!

Parker – Bradley Cooper – because he can play an ass and still be pretty to look at.

Matty – Justin Long – I think he could pull off the slacker brother so well.

Daphne – Amanda Seyfried – with that long blonde hair and blue eyes, she has that wide eyed innocence that I associate with Daphne

Nathanael – Matthew McFadyen (go see him in Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Darcy) – He has the intensity to look really pious and thunderous..

This time around we have some new characters:

Azazael – Orlando Bloom a la Pirates of the Carribean. He’s a good looking guy, but I dunno, something about him makes me want to smack him.

Raziel – Oded Fehr like from The Mummy days, but no facial tattoos. Or possibly from Deuce Bigalow male gigolo.

Raum – Christopher Eccleston, like he was in Dr. Who. Just kinda jazzed about life, even when things are going to shit.

Gabriel – Eric Bana, because he can communicate a lot with just his eyes.

Ubel – Kevin Durand Wouldn’t he make an outstanding demon with big, sharp, nasty, pointy teeth?

Bert – Mackenzie Crook from Pirates of the Carribean.

Hubie – Lee Arenberg also from Pirates of the Carribean, okay so I have no idea why I have so many people from Pirates of the Carribean in this one, it just worked out that way!

And of course…

Mimsy – one of my own cats! Because she’s so cute and curious and her squeaky sounds are like nothing I’ve heard from a cat before.

7 Responses to Dreamcasting – Mercy for the Wicked

  1. Mike says:

    That would be a hell of a line up

  2. T says:

    These are always so fun to do :D

  3. Sprtwareor says:

    I LOVE the visualizations! Makes me want to think who I would have playing the characters in “The Touch” next . . .

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