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Not So Fast…

Okay, so remember how I said free giveaways are not a magic bullet? That point was definitely proven last weekend when I tried a free giveaway for Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down. I knew it wouldn’t do as well as Pretty Witches, since that’s my best seller, but I only gave away about 2500 copies in three days. Dude. Seriously? I can not give this book away. Talk about depressing.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten some very nice reviews and emails from people telling me how much they enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the sequel, so that’s nice to hear. But I can’t say that it really boosted sales all that much.

My numbers are still on their slow decline, but still waaaaay better than they were before the first giveaway, and I’m getting a nice mix of sales across all six books, so that tells me that people are coming back for more, which is nice too.

My 3 month period with KDP select is ending this month, so I’ve got another Pretty Witches free giveaway slated for March 23 and 24th, so we’ll see if that does as well as the first giveaway earlier this month. Hopefully it gives the numbers a little shot in the arm so I can finish out the month a little stronger.

4 Responses to Not So Fast…

  1. I feel ya girlie. My promo went great the first day and a half, but from Saturday evening until Sunday evening it was a bust. My sales were great the first week and a half later, a definite increase. But the last two days, nearly nothing. Mind you, I have one book out to your six, but still, I had hoped the high would last longer lol. Getting good feedback and reviews is great though! I wish you the very best. You certainly deserve it!

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      Ooh, sorry to hear it fizzled out, mine just never picked up enough steam to begin with. Keep at it though, you’re right, it does help to have more books out. The more you write, the better bang for your buck you’ll get out of the freebies.

  2. You go girl! Hang in there. Do you like the KDP Select program?

    • Lisa Olsen says:

      It has its good and its bad points. Before the freebie we had very few lends on Pretty Witches, so I would have said it wasn’t worth it at all to have to take it off of Barnes & Noble and smashwords. But with the giveaway, we have 93 lends this month, which isn’t too shabby, and then there is the giveaway in general, that exposure was huge for Pretty Witches. The big deciding factor will be if we can get as much interest in a freebie by lowering the price on smashwords instead of doing it through KDP select.

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